The good news, it’s been a month and we are all doing great! The bad news? My mom leaves soon and I may just lose my sh*t lol

Wait, did I just say a month!? Can you believe it’s already been a month since I gave birth to the most perfect little boy?!

Just in time to share his birth story with you all…

Tristan Michael DeGeorge born July 3, 2019 at 11:30am

8lb 1oz, 20in

Ok, so talk about a coincidence. Tristan’s birth story was almost IDENTICAL to Luna’s! Literally hour by hour. It’s like my body only has one way of cooking up babies and spitting them out lol. I know I’ve only had two children so who’s to say #3 won’t be completely different but so far both my pregnancies have been VERY similar from beginning to end.

February 6, 2017 → July 3, 2019 

I was really hoping I’d be one of those women who’s water broke somewhere completely random and then being totally dramatic about it. And my dramatic would be taken to the next level haha

Screaming at the supermarket “CLEAN UP ON ISLE 2!!!”


Labor never started off with that much excitement for me lol. In fact I was already prepared and knew exactly when I was going in since both my babies required an induction. Which I guess wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because…well…lets just say I had time to make myself a “beauty” before becoming a beast 😂

It was like dejavu being back in that hospital. Going down those same halls that I remember pacing back & forth while being in labor with Luna. Walking past the cafeteria that smelled like coffee and warm muffins (I was looking forward to that again), checking in with the same staff, seeing the familiar faces of the amazing nurses that took care of me before, and then there it was…a beautifully captured photo taking me back to 2 1/2 years ago when my first angel was born

Somebody had to pinch me. This was MY LIFE on the wall. Flashing right before my eyes. I was JUST HERE. I JUST gave birth to my daughter! How am I here doing it AGAIN?!?

July 2, 2019  

We went to the hospital around 6pm to start my induction. I continued to have hope that I’d end up going into labor naturally just like I did with Luna. But seriously, what were the chances of that happening again?

Well guess what?!?! Once the cervidil was placed it obviously sent a signal to my body like “hey mama you remember doing this before!? It’s time to push out another human!”

How crazy is that?! Both times I went to the hospital under the impression that I’d be getting induced and each time my body surprised me with already starting the process of bringing life into this world without being forced to do so.

Luna VS Tristan Marathon  


♥  I was very mobile during her labor. Walking around the hospital, jumping on a yoga ball, dancing with Mike etc.

♥ Went into active labor at 12am

♥ This might sound totally crazy but I do not remember feeling my contractions. It was like my mind and body entered a different place. Obviously on some level there was some sort of discomfort because Mike ended up with scratches all over his face haha but again my pain was NOTHING compared to her brothers. Maybe because his was more recent and it’s still fresh in my head? IDK 🤷🏼‍♀️😐

♥ Got an epidural at 8cm around 7am (only because I was stuck there for 3 hours) I was just so drained and still needed energy for when it came time to push.

♥ I pushed for less than 15 minutes and she arrived at 11:46am.


♦ I was NOT mobile during his labor. All I wanted to do was lay in that hospital bed.

♦ Active labor started at 12am

♦ OMG his contractions were BRUTAL. I felt as if my pelvic bones were breaking slowly Those minutes felt like an eternity just holding my breath, squeezing my Doula and Mike waiting for it to be over. Oh, and how I kept clenching my butt because I felt like I had to sh*t when every contraction hit lol seriously it was miserable.

♦ I was screaming for an epidural at 6cm around 7am because I literally couldn’t take it anymore. And to be totally honest a part of me just got really scared of how much more pain I’d have to endure when contractions got closer and then feeling him come out.

♦ It only took 3 pushes and he was out at 11:30am.

So now you see how similar both babies were?!

His little body was immediately placed on my chest and love just flowed right through me. All the agony, the discomfort, the waiting, the pregnancy scares…it was all over. He was here and he couldn’t be more precious.

(Look at that face haha)

I’d say this time around labor was much more intense and it wasn’t over just yet…I ended up with a few bumps and bruises…To begin with my blood count was at a level 8 (normal is between 12-15.) And after delivering Tristan it dropped to 5 so I needed a blood transfusion immediately. That was NOT fun especially for someone who has anxiety. The thought of someone else’s blood going inside of me for 5 hours mentally made me feel sick…

(Looks like tomato juice)

Nobody wants to admit the bad things that occur while pushing out a baby, but the reality is, shit happens, like literally shit can happen haha (however not in my case) BUT my labia tore really bad and even after the doctor “put it together” my stitches came out a few days later and I was left balling my eyes out thinking “omg my  vagina will never look the same…” I’ve scheduled a labiaplasty in a few weeks, hoping it will look brand new lol I never thought I’d be getting a “vagina job” before a boob job 🙄

Meeting our baby boy…


  1. WOW! Bad ass, mama! Congratulations, your family is soo beautiful, your daughter is perfect, your hubs is a babe. Gorgeous family, such a reflection of you!

  2. Actually brought my to tears, you are so strong an beautiful! So incredible what a woman’s body is capable of, you did amazing. Congratulations on your little boy and becoming a family of 4! Wishing you the best 🧡

  3. Congratulations!! Loved the video, it was so touching🥰! My stitches came undone too and it was not fun. What a beautiful family you have.❤

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