I’d like to think I’m pretty creative when it comes to certain things…one being presents 🎁 I’m that type of person who can either give you a gift card and call it a day OR give you something you didn’t even know you wanted. If you’re having a tough time coming up with something awesome to give someone this holiday season, let me brag about some of the things I’ve done and maybe you can get inspired! I’ll have the word “LINK” next to a few things so it takes you directly to the right place!

For Parents:

♦ Couples Massage

♦ Matching robes with their initials

♦ Movie Tickets

♦ Renting a place out in Tahoe for a couple days (obviously depending on where you live, you do it there.)

♦ Schedule a family holiday photo shoot. This obviously is one of my favorites! A memory and gift that will be cherished forever.

♦ Think about house appliances…they might say they don’t need it, but wouldn’t a new updated fridge be nice? Or new washer and dryer? How about a bigger T.V?

For dad: (or bf/fiancé/husband) – Premium car care supplies. There’s this website called adamspolishes.com which has the best cleaning products for your car. And if the man in your life loves his car more than you, than this will be like the ultimate treat.

♦ Men like nice grooming products just as much as us women! Anything from here they will love: https://www.theartofshaving.com

♦ Update dads wordrobe

For mom: Moms are so easy. Clothes, shoes, makeup, purses, wallet….if you don’t know what your mom likes than you need to seriously spend some one on one time with her. There’s an idea! 💡

♦ Treat her to like one of those painting classes with wine!

♦ Moms love custom made anything!!! Photo Mug with YOUR mug on it 😉  Stamps, Picture Frame, Jewelry, Blanket, Cutting Board.. This website is great for customizing whatever it is you want https://www.zazzle.com

Friends, Sisters, Mom, Grandma:

♦ If she loves to cook with fresh herbs a little indoor garden would be very convienient to have for something like growing mint, basil, etc. LINK:


♦ LUSH products! Their bath balms are UG-MAZING! All made with natural products so don’t worry about the ones who have sensitive skin.

♦ Remember that customized bracelet I posted with Luna’s birth information? Definitely a great gift any momma! OR tell baby daddy this is on your wish list! Here is their link again:


♦ Silk Pillowcase. It has great benefits for your skin and hair! LINK:


♦ Buy tickets for some future events going on in your area…A great way to bond!!

♦ Candles. I have too many candles said no girl ever. Be creative by attach a little candy cane to it.

♦ A bottle of Champagne, and Sugarfina has Champagne Gummy Bears! This will add an extra touch to the gift. This site is so cute! You can even create your own candy box! LINK:  https://www.sugarfina.com/champagne-bears

♦ What emoji does your friend use ALL the time?! Give her a mug that has it! https://www.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/sparrow-wren-emoji-mug

♦ So for a while I’ve been throwing my credit card and ID in my purse just to avoid carrying a big wallet. It got super annoying because I’d always loose my cards between switching purses. I went to Nordstrom and saw a little card case. Brilliant! Now its never problem! Heres a link for tons of cute ones! https://shop.nordstrom.com/c/card-cases

♦ Starbucks gift card. DUH, who doesn’t need coffee or tea? Do something funny like get a HUGE box, put the gift card at the very bottom, stuff a whole bunch of wrapping paper in there and see them struggle getting to it =) You can do this with any gift!!!

For your significant other:

♦ Scrapbook! This is a great way to print those amazing photos you’ve collected throughout time and organize it in a scrapbook! Think of a theme, it may be “20 reasons why I love you.” Or “Our adventures together.” What I did for Mike, was telling the story of how we met…all our adventures and what we did up until our engagement and having Luna.

♦ My all time favorite cologne for men is “Million” by Paco Rabanne

♦ Tools

♦ Sports Gear

♦ Custom make a sexy calendar for the year (nobody uses calendars anymore, but is he really going to hate seeing a photo of you in lingerie eating cake on his birthday month?

♦ A man needs attention!!! Set up a romantic night. Candles around the bathtub, chocolates and whip cream…rose pedals, wear a Santa hat, toys if you’re into that 😉 He will be waiting for Christmas all year long!

♦ We live in Jupiter and the lighthouse is one of the main attractions. They have tours set up where you can experience the history of the place…Theres a pathway that leads up to the lighthouse made of bricks and you can actually buy one to become a part of the “Lighthouse Legacy.” So this might be something you can look into wherever it is you live. Find a location where you can engrave a love note or simply your initials…

Stocking Stuffers:

♦ Lotto Tickets, Scratch Offs

♦ Socks, Underwear, Gloves, Beanie, Glasses

♦ Make Up

♦ Poop Pourri (if you don’t know what it is, google it.)

♦ If she travels often then she’ll understand the struggle of not knowing where to place dirty underwear. Okay that wasn’t too ladylike let me say it like this…her “worn under garments.” This will help separate the clean and the dirty LINK:


♦Electric Toothbrush

♦ A nice cigar if your man is into that

♦ Does someone you know loose their keys all the time!? Get them a magnetic wall key holder!

♦ Do something funny like is your friend obsessed with hot sauce? Throw in a little to go size hot sauce!

♦ Those sheet face masks, Sephora also has hand masks, and foot masks! Everyone appreciates a little hydration!

♦ Skin care products!

Many of you ask what my favorite skin care products are and here they are:

Face Scrub:

Microdermabrasion Scrub – DERMAE (Trust me when I say its THE BEST!)

Beauty Water – This is not a toner. Not a cleanser. It is the Smart Toning, Cleansing, Moisturizing liquid based on a natural plant therapy that exfoliates and moisturizes skin at once LINK: https://www.sephora.com/product/beauty-water

I like to switch between cleaners. My favorites are:

Hydrating Cleanser – DERMAE

Clarifying Clay Cleanser – REN

Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser (I love this one because its warm on contact) – BOSCIA


The Silk Cream Moisturizer – TATCHA https://www.sephora.com/product/the-silk-cream

Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Cream with Pycnogenol – DERMAE

Honey Moisturizer- MARIO BADESCU

Night Creams:

Vitamin C Intense Night Cream – DERMAE

Luminous Dewy Skin Night Concentrate – TATCHA

If you’d like to try anything from DERMAE click the link below! They have free shipping for orders $25 or more! And receive 10% off your purchase of $50 or more!


There you have it!!! I did my best to think of everything I’ve done and received over the years so I’m hoping this list comes in handy for some of you!!! Just like in my previous post I said I was going to hold a few giveaways this month as a thank you for all your support, love, and friendship.

Ready to see whats inside my next giveaway?

TA-DA!!!!! I wanted to put together everything that I personally use! 

My everyday fluffy robe which you see me in 99.9% of the time in my IG stories. Along with a fluffy sleeping mask from Norstrom. (Faux Fur) 

Hopefully you read my post before scrolling down to just the giveaway portion. But here are the Sugarfina Rosé GummyBears I was talking about. I also included a rosé chocolate bar from there as well….see how cute these are for gifts?! Perfect for stocking stuffers! 

$25 Starbucks gift card.

Burts Bees chapstick (the only one I ever use)

3 packets of the Vital Proteins Marine Collagen https://www.vitalproteins.com/products/marine-collagen-peptides  which I drink everyday. You can sample them out and see if this is something you want to include to your daily routine.
This giveaway wouldn’t be complete without some of my favorite DERMAE prodcuts

An eye cream that works wonders

Dry Shampoo, because we all have lazy days

3 in 1 Hair Serum

Moisturizer (for all skin types)

 To Enter:

♥ Must live in the U.S

♥ I would love to hear some of the creative and unique gifts you’ve done throughout the years for anyone on the list! However, I understand not many of us are creative lol so you can simply comment with a “I suck at cool presents.” 😂 THE COMMENT MUST BE BELOW ON THIS POST.

♥ Must be following @dermae and me @lianawhoo on IG


♥ Like and Tag a friend on my IG photo related to this giveaway

GIVEAWAY CLOSED!!!!!!!! Winner was @lyysss congratulations!!!! 




  1. Okay Liana you just gave me gift ideas for every single person in my life lol. Thanks girl! I was born in Greece and moved to Miami when I was 8 so my family never really gave gifts on Christmas, just money on New Years. Honestly, I LOVE this time of year and can’t wait to start my own Christmas traditions.

    1. Omg Liana! Your gift ideas helped me out so much! I love your blog & will continue to read and comment on them!!!😊 my boyfriend once made me a scrapbook with pictures of us and I thought it was the cutest thing in the world. You and your husband are the cutest couple I see. ❤️ You guys are a huge inspiration! Anyways thanks for the help with the gift ideas! & of course I would love to win the giveaway.

  2. Creative gift I’ve done before is I bought my (now husband) tickets to Canada’s Capilano suspension bridge (he’s wanted to go forever but I’m terrified of heights) and a bunch of Car cleaning supplies from chemical guys!

  3. LOVE all your ideas. I’m also a sucker for creative things, maybe it’s because I’m a mama. But there’s just something about a creative and sentimental piece that’s will make me cherish it. I usually do personalization gifts for my parents, like recently I did a cute picture frame with each letter of their last name as a unique picture. So hard to explain, but it turned out great! I did it through some deal on Groupon. I always think great gifts are candles, because who doesn’t like candles?! Unless of course the scent is awful. But your Starbucks gift card idea is GENIUS, especially as a stocking stuffer! Definitely stealing that idea, which makes me think “why haven’t I thought of that before?!”
    I also want to point out that since I’m a mama now (baby boy is 3 months old), I love doing gift exchanges with other mama’s but between our children. So my baby gifted her baby something. Makes it more fun in my opinion 🙂

  4. I suck at cool presents! LOL I try to be creative and put together little boxes for my husband’s bday and Christmas. Usually it’s a box full of his favorite thibgs that I know he likes (like beef jerky) but didn’t usually buy for himself. I am DYING to try those gummi bears, so i hope I win!

  5. Love your stocking stuffers ideas! I have 9 siblings so being creative for each one of them is a pain in the butt! Thank you for this! ❤️

  6. I love all of your gift ideas! Especially the holiday photo session idea. My mother in law has been wanting to get the family together for some memorable photos! This gives me an idea🤔 maybe I should surprise her with a photo session!! You’re brilliant✨ Thanks

  7. Thank you for gift ideas. I’m really bad when it comes to giving gifts. I usually end up going with gift card. I know itsnot thoughtful. Thank you much.

  8. Wow so many ideas from this post!! Thank you so much! 😊 Personally, I think cologne is a great gift for guys and perfume for girls! Those always end up being nice gifts! And I love anything skincare. I got my friend a bunch of beauty stuff for her birthday.

  9. I love love all these!! Thank you for sharing! I’m not great at gifts. I gift either gift cards or what the request is if I know of it. I do want to gift some personalized ornaments this year. I love gifting personalized items they just make great memories!

  10. My friend is obsessed with Amazon, and was always in a hurry to get home before her husband so she could hide the packages from him. So I got her a personalized mat that says please hide the packages from husband. It’s still at her doorstep now.

  11. One year I made everyone in my family (mom, dad, grandparents and siblings) each a book about us since the day I was born/when they were born. It was a great idea until I was sitting in front of a pile of old photo albums that needed to be scanned onto my computer. 😑 Starting from the year 1990…. lets just say I immediately got in my car to go get a bottle of wine. Okay, 2 bottles of wine. 😌 haha in the end they turned out amazing and it’s something they can have forever. ❤️ Shutterfly.com

  12. Hey Liana! I usually suck at finding presents for my family, but when it comes to my friends I’m very creative. Some of the gifts i have given my friends are a bottle of champagne, decorated wine glass, mason jar filled with they’re fav travel size lotions, facial cleansers etc.. or simply a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant! Anyways i LOVE reading your posts, because not only are you goals, but you inspire me xoxox

  13. I never knew there actually was a worn undergarments bag before & now I definitely NEED one! Easily one of my worst pet peeves when going away, so thank you for letting me know these bags exist.
    Last year I crafted for my fiancé’s mom some of their family pictures for their new home they just moved into. I also got my mom a newlywed picture frame (Her & her hubs got married last year) they put their thumb print together in the shape of a heart!
    This year is our first family Christmas with our almost 10 month old so we got our first family Christmas ornament! Happy holidays to you and your family 💗
    IG: mariahmcnair

  14. Wow you just save my life with this blog about gift ideas!!!!!! You’re freakin awesome liana and I watch your IG stories everyday and can’t get enough of Luna , you’re so real and literally can’t wait to have my little family like yours someday ❤️❤️ Hope I win the getaway, been awhile since I’ve bought something for myself !

  15. I LOVE buying presents. I like to buy complete outfits for my sister and a gift card for a restaurant to go to with her friends. Thanks for all the ideas!! I think I’m getting my boyfriend car cleaning stuff this year !!

  16. Hello Liana:)

    Thank you for all the gift ideas, they definitely are useful. I’m not really creative, but for my man I got him a dog tag (necklace)with the kids names engraved. He joined the Air Force and won’t be with us this Christmas:( so I wanted him to have something to always remember us😊

  17. I love your ideas! I too like to get creative and sometimes even crafty for Christmas! Last year I made my mom and soon to be mother in law personalized wreaths. They both live in the south and wreaths are huge! This year I got my mom a Pandora bracelet so I can get her charms to add. One year for my mom, after she moved to the south away from my brother and I, I made her a pendant with our fingerprints on it. She loved that! I also like to make personalized ornaments for my family, usually picturing something major that happened in their life that year. I love giving someone something I know they are going to love and treasure. Christmas is such a wonderful time to be extra giving and thoughtful. You are so inspirational to extend that to complete strangers. Keep doing you girl, I love seeing your posts and reading your blog!

  18. Paint and Sip for me and someone else, 52 reasons why I love you written on a deck of cards, “you’re my person” necklaces for me and my best friend, bath and body works stuff, unique leggings, movie theater gift cards, photo books, frames with photos in them, photo calendars, etc!! I love giving gifts. 😊

  19. I love giving gifts! Personalizationmall.com is great. I usually get 1-2 gifts from there. I got the baby daddy a toiletry bag with his initials on it because the one he had was breaking. He loved it. He also plays golf so Etsy.com personalizes these golf ball marker & divot tools engraved with his initials and the back of it says “Best Dad By Par”. Super cute.. they also have examples that say “PAR-fect Boyfriend” Lol. I am really good at watching my loved ones when they say they like/need something as well so I’m always geared up for Christmas :):) love this blog post!

  20. Girrrll! You may just have saved my life, once again. Lol 😂 this is going to help me with my gift for my man for Christmas for sure. You know how it goes. What do you get someone that has Absolutely everything!! Well… you be creative! And that’s what I did. I listened to your suggestion and created a little “fun” box.. && yes.. it was fun! 😅🤤 may have to do something similar for Christmas. Love all of these ideas and this post! ❤️❤️👌🏽👌🏽👊🏽

  21. Thanks for all the ideas for all the Christmas gifts for all family members. Something creative was a photo book from shutterfly with kids and grandkids for grandparents.

  22. I SUCK at cool presents!!! I really do haha! Your ideas are gonna help me so much!!! Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family!!🎅🏻❤️🎄

  23. You have the best ideas! I am definitely going to give some people some stuff off of your list! I especially love the bracelet (for myself) but as a single mother I’ll end up doing that myself for my Christmas! My mom will love the custom blanket idea! I have so enjoyed watching your journey with Luna and helping you with advice that I could during your pregnancy! You have done so well! Merry Christmas Liana!

  24. I like to get presents that will make someone realized that you notice what they like meaning Smth extraordinary😁 plus I have a thing for printed pics so I attach them everywhere🙄

  25. These are all very good ideas considering I’m new to the playing field of awesome gift ideas. I used to suck at gifts because that’s what I grew up around, but for the past couple years, I’ve realized been conscientious of making sure every gift will serve the person long term and that it’s something that they can cherish forever (unlike buying something on sale that they’ll literally never use lol😂 ). For example, I had to get something for my baby niece this Christmas and I stumbled upon this cool website that personalizes children’s books, growth charts, etc. I bought her a my first Christmas book and it’s written specifically for her, so cute!! It’s called I See Me, maybe it’s a website you want to check out for Luna😏 but I need to work on the rest of my Christmas shopping 😫 #procrastinating

  26. Hey! I love how active you are!! I am one of those that sucka at gifts BUT I’m a good listener so if you’ve ever said you wanted anything I will remember for a birthday or Christmas!

  27. Last year I made a gift basket for a friend. I put in it a bottle of wine, wine glasses, cologne from Burberry, slippers, homemade cookies and coffee beans 🎄It waa fin shopping for everything. I love giving gifts!

  28. Hey Liana!! So I’m not the best at being creative and taking risks when it comes to gifts. I’m the type of person that waits for my loved ones to drop hints all year long so I know I’m getting a safe bet! This year I knew my boyfriend was talking about new golf shoes, so to put my special twist on it, I am custom designing some for him!

    Sometimes my family members and I will trick each other by putting a hand-me-down in a designer shopping bag and then bring out the real present after they look utterly disappointed when they open the gag gift. It’s such a good holiday laugh!

    Anyways, I’ve always thought that you did THE best decorating/gifting for Michael and I have tried to recreate your creativity before! Like the hotel in Miami with the balloons attached to all of the gifts! I loved that!!

    I would love to be entered into your giveaway!!

  29. I love gifting crystals to people 🔮💖 who doesn’t like shiny and sparkly things?! And positive uplifting energy !!! Best gifts ever

  30. My boyfriend really wanted nmds so i got him some for Christmas last year, but i put them In a large tampon box so when he unwrapped it he was like wtf.. are u sure u didn’t give me the wrong gift?…It was hilarious!! But when he opened the box he was really happy. He also loves blueberry vareniki (since ur Russian/Ukrainian you probably know what those are) so i made some, froze them, and put them in a box and he was impressed because it meant a lot to him that i made them for him.

  31. As you know I have been following you since our daughters where born at the same place a day a part😉. Your post always make me smile. Your a “normal” person living life to it fullest and you answer us. I love that. This post as many others had me laughing/smiling (I needed that) because it wasn’t just your dang ideas, it was to the point with that occasional funny remark. That’s what I Love about you! With three kids and being a military spouse, owning a company and much more, time is so limited and gift ideas for me have to come quick and easy. Your ideas helped with stuff I didn’t even think of! Brilliant and thank you! Thanks for being u!! Thanks for these ideas! 💋

  32. I love reading your posts! And this one helped so much since I am not creative at all! So thank you for sharing! But on the other hand my favorite gift to give is a basket full of goodies it’s easy and simple and makes a great gift 🎁

  33. Thank you Liana for these gift ideas! I like to think I am creative & get good gifts for my family but sometimes I run out of ideas! The most memorable gift I got my boyfriend was a wooden keychain from Etsy with a soundwave of me saying ‘I love you’ carved in it! He was so happy! I always having trouble getting my mom a gift though because she is very particular… I think i may try a couple of your suggestions! Another great post, thank you 🙂

  34. This is such a good list of amazing gift!!! I definitely will be screenshooting it to come back from to for all my shopping!
    My favorite gift I did for my husband is his watch that I engraved with our date we started dating and our initials!
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!! You are such a doll ❤️

  35. I literally needed to read this.. it gave me so much ideas on what to get my husband! Thanks so much. And wow this giveaway is huge!! So nice and generous of you to do this! Hoping to win❤️

  36. I went to Coach on Thursday night and bought a bunch of gifts for every woman in my life for under $30. It was amazing since they’ve just released their soft leather stuff. But your ideas are amazing too!!

  37. Hey Liana,
    You have so many awesome gift ideas I will definitely have to refer to it this Christmas season! Last Christmas I made my parents a photo album from my wedding since I got married last year and they loved it! I feel like photo related gift ideas is super sweet for parents or other family members. 🎄

  38. I like to make a lot of homemade items for people. Such as sugar scrubs, candles, desserts, paintings, scrapbook etc. I also enjoy browsing through Etsy to make gifts more personalized. Such as getting their pets/child(ren)/them and their significant other engraved/painted/printed on something.

  39. This year I am making my boyfriend a lot of diy Christmas gifts along with buying a few such as outfits, cologne, underwear and socks. I’m making him a “open When…” letter set, a few sexy/romantic gift cards for him such as “this gift card can be redeemed for one free strip tease.” I am so excited given this is our first Christmas together!! For my mom I bought a cross with the story of Jesus on it, my sister I bought bath bombs with rings in the middle, and for my step dad I got him a gift card taped to a bottle of ketchup lol cause he loved ketchup! Have a wonderful Christmas Liana and thanks for the wonderful gift ideas!!

  40. Oh my goodness!! Why didn’t you post this two days earlier!! No joke on Friday I think it was I was typing into google…joint parent Christmas gift ideas. And ended up customizing coasters for my parents living room with our last name because they just redecorated and it’s a whole new color scheme. So I guess it wasn’t a full on fail. (But for me that’s such a boring adult gift 👎🏽) But wow those were some great ideas. I’m a hit or miss. For bf’s I usually spoil and spend way to much money and don’t get what I want in return but still haven’t learned my lesson. But I’m such a giver. Hands down my favorite gifts have been the book I made for mom for mother’s day and same type of book was made for my grandma for Christmas. I can’t remember the website. It’s something with “fish” added in it so if anyone wants the website I’ll look it up because it’s wayy cheaper than Shutterfly. But I made a whole hard cover story book online of memories and pictures (like a scrapbook) but it looked like I went to Barnes n Noble and bought it off the shelf. It was super fun making it and gathering all of the photos and figuring out story. And my mom just told me she had read her the other night and started crying. My grandma is now in a nursing home so that book is like having a told of photo albums in her room which she loves!! So it was definitely the best present I’ve ever given.

  41. My best Christmas gift was to my mom. She collects patches so I got her a cap from Nordstrom rack that says “kiss my patch”

  42. Awesome gift ideas! My favorite one I’ve done was make a story book of pictures, quotes and narration on Shutterfly for my parents of the whole family. Time consuming but was definitely appreciated by them.

  43. I love your ideas! For the holidays I LOVE doing gifts that are personalized!
    Like personalized candles, or a personalized popsocket for the phone, or some type of jewelry! But thank you for the stocking stuffer ideas I love it! I also love seeing all your Instagram post! My son is around the same age as Luna ❤

  44. This post actually gave me a few ideas for some gifts because I was stuck! Love your creativity because mine kinda sucks lol

  45. I suck at cool presents!! But your ideas are so thoughtful and creative, thank you-gonna use the “romantic night” idea for my husband, it just kinda slipped my mind that men appreciate that too, not only women (in this case, me).

  46. I SUCK at gift shopping ! But woah! Your ideas are great . I screenshot 99% of them lol 🙈🙊 Definitely using them while shopping this month.👌🏽👍🏽 I always give my parents a shirt or something that has their favorite soccer team printed lol I know they like and actually use it so I can never go wrong with that! But this time around I’m stepping out of my gift giving comfort zone lol and use some of your ideas! Thanks girl! 😊😊😊

  47. Omg thank you for the gift ideas!!! I reeaaallyyyy suck at it lol but last Valentine’s Day we were in a budget so I ordered a book of pictures of our best moments for my hubby. One year we did Customized bath bombs( we made them) for the family. That’s as creative as I get. I also love buying him clothes as a any day surprise ❤️ I will also try this year the bathtub surprise 😍

    My instagram is @natarguinzoni

  48. Haha goodness you didn’t miss anyone on the list!! I love the car cleaning products idea *since our kid destroyed my husband’s back seat*…so he will be getting cleaning supplies for Christmas. 😂
    I like to make baskets for Christmas but have only done that one year since it is super time consuming. World Market has some cute baskets and stuffers. 🙂

  49. Thank you for your tips on getting the perfect gift!! I love to give personalized gifts for my hubby and of course whatever he needs!! For kids toys and stocking work!!:)

  50. Thanks for your ideas!
    Christmas is my favorite & I love gift giving. Every year I get my inlaws a calendar from shutterfly with all the great moments we had through the year.
    Also for my husband I shop throughout the year for his presents, when I hear him mention things he would want to get I usually get it and save it for Christmas so when it’s time to open presents he’s in a big surprise 🙂
    For my sisters I usually put together a pampering box just as you show in your giveaway!
    Anyways I’m so excited and hope i could win! ❤️

  51. These are really great gift ideas. I’m planning on getting my SO a shelf for his garage and weights so he could work out from home. I love the ideas you listed for moms and friends. I need to look into it still. Can’t believe Christmas is almost here. Thanks for this post ❤️ My instagram is @mrslesnikov

  52. I put together a bath tub with all the little things a new mom and baby would need, from nipple cream, to breast pads, to diaper rash cream, anything that usually isnt gifted. The bathtub was the main gift.

  53. Love this post! I LOVE giving gifts, and I find it hard to stop buying stuff for people I love. This year I focused on buying quality gifts- I bought a lot of cashmere, leather, and wool things- from sweaters to gloves and the like. I feel like good quality items make great gifts! I know personally I’m more likely to walk away from a cashmere sweater for myself, but am thrilled when someone gets me one. My mother, whose Russian, is always talking about “kachestva” (quality) lolz Thank you for all the gift ideas for the hubs especially! Looking forward to trying some Dermae products even if I don’t win the giveaway. I have a 9 month old daughter, Sophia, and I could def use that vitamin c night serum!

  54. Girl, these are some amazing gift ideas! Will definitely be using some of your suggestions!
    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  55. Nice gift ideas you gave there, I actually got inspired a little. I always have a trouble picking the right gifts for my relatives, like my husband’s family. My family is easy I know them pretty well. Thank you for your blog! Always interesting to read! Merry Christmas and happy New Year! 🎊

  56. Those are some great ideas! I once put together gift bags of products from lush for the women in my family. I also printed out a bunch of pictures and put them in frames and did a whole family wall for a friend of mine.

  57. Those are some great ideas! I once put together gift bags of products from lush for the women in my family. I also printed out a bunch of pictures and put them in frames and did a whole family wall for a friend of mine.

  58. It was just me and my boyfriends anniversary on November 21st and I made him a 365 jar. So I literally hand wrote 365 notes. Some were what I love about him, some were adventures we need to go on, and some were a few of the cute memories we have together. The point of the number 365 is so he can read one every day for a year so that I could make his day every day. For Christmas I plan on writing him letters he can open on bad days (we don’t get to see each other too much because I’m in school and only get to visit him every so often).

  59. lol I suck at cool presents, I’ve always been the worst gift giver because they would be so uncreative. However, I love the ideas of a professional family photo shoot or pillowcases, those are so smart!

  60. Those are perfect ideas. Some of the things I’ve done for an ex bf was getting gear from his favorite sports team handmade blanket (Not myself a friend) but I picked out and purchased a design that you wouldn’t normally buy at the store. And I’ve also made a string art on a wooden board (pinterest for ideas) for his new house. Also if hes into working out getting him some of his favorite products or new ones hes been wanting to try!

  61. Every year I’m super predictable and get everyone a basket full of things and write messages on each item. For example one was a bottle of aspirin and I put a note “for when I don’t shut up” for a part of my boyfriend’s basket.

  62. I seriously suck at cool gifts, but stockings have always been my favorite though, I love being able to give a bunch of fun, little stuff! Love all of you’re ideas, definitely going to have to use some of them this Christmas!

  63. Omg I am horrible at creating gifts, I truly suck haha. Although I do love to shop and just buy whatever I feel my hubby or my kiddos will love and appreciate! A few times I’ll make my hubbies favorite food, get him his favorite cologne, watch movies together have some sexy lingerie on for him Lol as for my kids I get pajamas every year for Christmas and they wear them every year for Christmas Day as we open gifts, just a tradition my parents did for us, I also wrapp 25 books 📚 and have my kids open just 1 book every night and read them that 1 book before bedtime until Christmas, just something fun for the kiddos❤️😍 but you have given me so many ideas 💡and I am so excited to put these ideas to use!! So thank you! ❤️

  64. Loved the stocking stuffer ideas!! Somehow that’s usually the most difficult part for me! The most creative gift I’ve come up with is a gift I’m giving this year to my family. We lost our 15 year old black lab in October and I had a glass candle holder infused with his ashes made and will be giving it to my entire family (but mainly my dad – he was truly a man’s best friend)! I’m so excited to always have a candle to light to remember the pup my sisters and I all grew up with!

  65. Oh liana, thanks for this blog! Lol, I usually hate xmas… it’s always been a sad lame holiday for my family. Now I am married and have 2 kids, so we do our own thing now. That year we took my son to Kaui and spent 2 weeks exploring hidden deserted beaches. It was awesome… we are planning on going to a new island every winter now!


  67. My treats her puppies like they are her children. Last year I had an idea to customize a dog bed for her puppies. I used one of my great grandmothers suitcase as the bed and went from there with it. It turned out super cute and her dogs loved it!

  68. I️ struggle every year with Christmas presents, ESPECIALLY for my mother in law lol seems like nowadays everybody has everything lol but thank you soooo much for the ideas! Definitely will refer back to your post for some special ideas, especially for my husband! So excited for the giveaway 💖

  69. Oh I love your ideas . You’re supper creative with all those pictures of Luna . Love seeing your posts ❤️❤️❤️. I’m not that creative but my husband is all into apple products so anything I get him from apple, he’s more then happy 😃.

  70. Your gift ideas are awesome! I have done the lottoe tickets and scrathers as well as photo collage mugs and a few other things. Your insta posts are awesome! I love following your page. Very funny and inspiring.

  71. No better gift then the gift of $$$$$ unless of course it’s a Rolex 🙂 but seriously a gift card is as creative as I get!

  72. Good ideas! I personally don’t like gift shopping in general because I tend to overthink on gifts and weather the person would want and I don’t like getting gift cards because I think it makes me seem lazy and not creative. Lol. I like the stocking stuffer ideas I might just buy some and fill the stockings up for myself 🤪. Looking forward for your next years list when you add kids gift ideas, every year it gets harder and harder to find them things too!

  73. A cute gift idea that I’ve used recently for a holiday gift is gopupsocks.com it’s a customized pair of socks with either your dog or adult/baby’s faces on them .

    Thanks for the gift ideas ordering the champagne bears !!!!

  74. Girl these gift ideas just helped with EVERYONE. I needed to get stuff for! You’re amazing! I’m not creative when it comes to multiple people 😂 I had my son the same day you had Luna so I made my husband a memory scrap book of before we had Jaxon then started one for after! Love love love all of your blogs and how honest and real they are!

  75. Thanks for the gift ideas! Especially the ones for men… I find them the hardest to shop for since my husband basically has everything! Love the way you put so much thought into your posts!!

  76. I️ suck at cool presents!
    These ideas are brilliant. Totally doing the candles for my mom (she requested them this year) AND doing the painting with wine. She loves doing those with her friends, can’t believe I️ didn’t think of that before! Plus it’s great mom/daughter bonding time.

  77. Love love love all your blogs! And your daughter is such a cutie pie! Couple years ago I got my Hubby a tablet he wanted and hid it, but then wrapped a box that had a tin can inside that had more wrapping paper and then an iPhone box with a note that this was a fake gift and his real gift was some place else! He loved it and definently had a good laugh! 🙂

  78. A nice gift I gave my best friend was a penny Keychain with the date we met engraved on it. I have the same one on my Keychain.

  79. This year I made my boyfriend a cute scrapbook of all our favorite memories throughout the year! i love your idea about the car cleaning supplies! ❤️


  80. You Always having such great ideas! I stick to gift cards unless you give me a specific Christmas list than you are lucky lol. I suck at cool presents 😂 after reading this post I might just get better at this gift thing! Lol thanks girl! ❤️

  81. I got my hubby cologne from Hugo Boss, and boy do I love the smell of it. Before I got it for him, I was remembering that smell for few months before I made my way to the mall to finally get it for him as a gift. Best gift ever, he loved it, and I enjoy being around him even more 🙂

    Thank you for a great list of ideas 💡

  82. I surprised my husband with a build-a-bead wearing a brand new 49er jersey (for my husband of course) and I rubberbanded 49er tickets to the build-a-bear. It was a win win lol I joined him to watch an NFL game AND I had an extra teddy bear lol ❤️😍🤣

  83. You’re gift ideas are going to save me this year!!!😘
    Last year for my closest friends I got the each a cute box, and in it were: a mug from Antropology with the initial of there name on it, cute Christmas socks to match there personality, mini candle, and bath bombs! Not to mention the 9 other gifts I had to do for my siblings plus parents 😳! And for guys(guy) I did like funky socks, or quirky tie(knitted tie) they loved it!!!😍

  84. Thank you so much for the gift ideas!
    So helpful when I have a house full of girls! The champagne gummy bears was my fav! I love gummie bears in general, I def need to get my hands on those! Some of the ideas I had I wanted to share was a gift for my mom! It’s her old wedding China from Ukraine. It’s all rusted, she still uses it because it her favorite and a memory. So I’m taking it to a polish shop, so they can make it all clean and shiny and place it in a fancy glass box so it will always last and never go bad!! Your so creative when it comes to gifts !! Love it!! 💝

  85. Hey Liana!!! Your gift ideas are super cool, especially the family photo shoot idea! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 Indeed, captured moments are cherished forever ❤️ I am a very creative person who loves surprising my family and friends! 🙏🏻 I once surprised my best friend on her birthday by buying lots of colorful balloons to cover the whole ceiling; different color and flavor cupcakes with “Happy Birthday” letters on each cupcake, flowers and her favorite perfume! I loved her face when she walked in to her living room!!! 😍 Another surprise I have done was for my boyfriend, who is now my husband 🙏🏻 It was also on his birthday. We used to have a long distance relationship back then, since I used to live in NY and him in LA. I decided to fly to LA the day before his birthday and book a hotel room. I had ordered rose petals and LED candles on Amazon, and first thing I started to do as soon as I arrived to the hotel was decorate. I had also ordered his gift 2 months prior to his birthday 😆 Wrote my wishes on the box of the gift and glued a nice bow on top of it. I “wrote” “I LOVE YOU” on the bed with the petals and decorated the bathtub with them and candles… ordered a fancy bottle of wine and a heart shaped pizza ❤️🍕 That was one of the best nights in my life ❤️❤️❤️ His reaction was priceless!!!
    Surprising people makes me feel so good! 🙏🏻
    Anyways, sorry to make you read so much 🙈
    Happy Holidays from our family to yours!!!
    Hope to meet you and Luna one day 🙏🏻❤️ Love you guys! Thank you for sharing moments of happiness with us ❤️🤗

  86. Love all your ideas 🙌🏻 I always considered myself to be a pretty good gift giver( but i might be lying to myself 😅) i Gave my boyfriend (now husband) a T-shirt that said “property of Karolina” on the back lol (my name)
    Customized dog tag as a stocking stuffer
    Scrap book that was a theme of the ABC and for every letter it was a reason why I loved him ( for example : a-amazing, f-funny, s-silly, etc )
    Spa for two for my parents
    Dinner cruise for my parents
    My dad loves meat so we once bought a cooler of different steaks and sauces for him to grill up 😬😬 anyways 🙂 I’ll make sure to add some of your ideas to upcoming holidays and birthdays😘

  87. Liana, I just enjoy reading ur blog! So inspiring!! Ur Christmas gift ideas are just so helpful:) Christmas shopping can get stressful if u can’ figure out what to get for ur friends or family! I usually get Purfume and house slippers for mom or sisters or a pair of new shoes. Everyone loves shoes! Gift cards are also one of my favorites if idk what to gift!

  88. Yay! Thank you so much for posting a giftguid!! I️ suck at presents and I️ never know what to get!! Love how creative you are ! Thank you thank youuu!

  89. Hey Liana so I’m the one that usually reads your blogs, and not enter. BUT, this giveaway is so me…. Would love everything you put together. I loved the list you put together, those are the best. My husband loves the million cologne. But he always runs out of the after shave, so i can usw the sight you suggested. Yay….

  90. Thank you for the awesome gift ideas!! I’ll definitely be putting some of those ideas to action this Christmas! 😝😍😍 I’ve always loved personalized gifts so I’ve given quite a few of them to my hubby, including personalized heart keychains with our anniversary on it (half a heart went to me and the other to him). Also some personalized mr and mrs pillowcases, a wallet with his initials on it, and a few photo books. Love the idea of making a photo book with a storyline btw like with our love story or something, will definitely have to make him one of those someday!

  91. One time I ordered my bf red underwear that had a picture of me winking printed in the front middle part and on the back it said “keep out” in a juicy couture style writing lol it looked super cute and funny, he loved it. Oh, and I threw a kinky time game in there. 🙂

  92. Gifted my husband a nice gold chain necklaces (yes ladies guys like jewlery to) , gifted my sisters bracelets that said “sisters” (not exactl the same though), makeup always works… Thank you for all your creative ideas!!!

  93. I love the movie ticket idea! For my in laws we get a four pack of movie tickets at Costco, and make a cute basket with the tickets, candies and popcorn. ☺️

  94. У тебя Реально классные идеи 👌🏻
    Есть куда посмотреть для идей ☺️
    А подарить халатик кому то на Рождество это очень круто.
    Сколько раз я уже это делала все были удивленны 🙂

  95. So my boyfriend and I live in Vegas and last year for Christmas I gifted him helicopter tour over las Vegas at night. I gave him a balloon shaped as a helicopter and had the two tickets hanging from it. He loved it and it was such a gun experience. There are cheap Groupon for it to which was a plus!

  96. We do secret Santa, our family is huge, and I myself the eldest of 8 have 5 kids, my sis has four and fifth on the way… So secret Santa it is”!!😁 I usually pay attention to my close friends and family, and through out the year I keep a small list of wants so it’s easier on birthday gift giving and Christmas time, so you never miss a hit”😉 right now I’m working on personalizing blankets to all them new babies, embroidering their names on them… I love personalizing gifts, giving something that last!

    1. Plus, for my mom and dad we are putting together a calander with all their kids and grandkids. Did it 4 years ago, and moms been bagging for one again… 😄so yeah, calander is still on the want list 😉 not only for the sexy boy 🤣 oh and this year I’m making ornaments for the parents Christmas tree each one w a face of each grandkids inside… Hobby lobby has some beautiful ornaments specially for that purpose… So I’m excited! 🤤🤤🤤

  97. I once got a gift that was personalized, it was a box of heart shaped paper cut out saying reasons why they were thankful for me. I think that’s the most touching gift I have received. I know that’s not my creativity but its not mine. I’m not as creative as my younger sister. Thank you for all the cool ideas !

  98. Thanks for all the cool ideas ! Now I thought my gifts are cool but you totally outdid me haha! What I usually gift are candels and makeup, you can never go with that. For guys, I tend to gift cologne, clothes, watches, and shoes.
    I really wanna try out all the beauty products that you mentioned by the end of next year , is too early for New Years resolutions. I shouldn’t , I usually give up by the end of February 🙈

  99. I love the idea of the engraved bracelet! I just had my daughter a little over a month ago so I’m gonna tell my fiancé to get us matching bracelets for Christmas! Btw, my daughter’s name is Liana, too! The best gift I’ve ever given for Christmas, was that I put coal in my brothers stocking 😂

  100. Love all the ideas! One year I bought my parents a hot airbalooning trip. That’s such a fun experience, you have to try it!!

  101. Thanks so much for posting this before the last week of Christmas!!! Love reading all of your posts and loved the ideas! Especially the family photo shoot and Tahoe trip! So our parents were way overdue for a vacation so we booked a trip to Punta Cana, they still talk about it till this day:) Merry Christmas to your family ❤️

  102. Your ideas are super..👌🏻
    for the pasted 4 years I been making my parents a calendar with all of our Birthdays ( there’s 10 of us 🤗) and grand kids 35+ .. so theres a lot of bdays to remember.. it helps to keep up .. 😉 …
    I also add all of ours pic and other celebrations that we do…

  103. My husband is so difficult to shop for since he never wants anything! So I’m planning a nice relaxing/ romantic Tahoe getaway:) and those are really helpful! Thank you for taking the time and doin all of that!

  104. Thanks for the ideas, I find it the hardest to find gifts for my husband and my dad…. (they are not very talkative about what they want!!)

  105. Your ideas are fabulous. I love giving gifts that are personal. I make it a point to. I love giving candles, bath bombs, photos in frames, sports tickets. Love the ideas. Thank you

  106. Thanks Liana for your amazing ideas 🙂
    That’s what I needed this year –> help.
    I don’t know why but this year I am just running out of ideas what to buy to my loved ones. It specially for my partner and my baby girl. The Christmas time is the best time of the year and I really wanted to make them special this year:) so I invited my family to come around from Latvia:) I still need to think about presents but not to much expensive ones, because of all changes in my life this year I can’t spend to much:) I need to make these Christmas really special ones because they gonna be first ones for my baby girl :)) and I think my best present was massage from my partner when I was pregnent. That was what I needed that time 😌

  107. Boo I live in the UK so can’t enter. Unless you’ll let me enter if I pay for shippping? Coolest gifts I’ve ever given are calendars with a different picture of the kids every month for my parents and in laws. They loved them. My father in law is so talented so I commissioned him to make my son an R2D2 safe out of an old oil drum – it’s amazing, check it out on my IG. I bought my hubby a year’s sub to Performance VW magazine as he loves VW’s and Audi’s. I bought my son the Lego Star Wars Death Star – it cost a fortune I was very popular that Christmas. But the best thing we’ve ever bought for family fun is the Speak Out game. If you’ve not heard of it then check it out – it’s even better after a few glasses of rose! My IG is @alexphaea1982

  108. I once made a “man bouquet” for my then boyfriend, now hubby. I got all his fave snacks and candy and hot glued them on skewers and arranged them like a bouquet. He loved it!

  109. Thanks liana! I was struggling with what to get my husband, it’s going to be out first Christmas together and there are so many things that he needs! But nothing would make a perfect gift in my eyes, I wanted something more meaningful and from the heart so he could cherish. All that came to mind was something engraved lol but I fell in love with the scrapbook idea! 😻 thank you! Got to get started on that asap!!! Also, with gifts, I wouldn’t say I’m the most creative but I like being attentive. I’d listen to the person from January even, see what they like, hear they say something like, “ooh I would love something like this!” Then they just put it away and I’d whip out my phone and save it! By the end of the year, I have a great list! I also got my mom for secret Santa this holiday and couldn’t think of what to get her too! In all defense, she wasn’t so hintful this year haha but if I were to win this give away, id say it would make the perfect gift for her too! Once again, thanks liana! Your awesome for doing things like this! Much love 💕

  110. It’s always so nice to hear fresh ideas for gifts! Thanks for the post! You really nailed the categories tho and I’m definitely looking into some links you put in there 💕 as for gift ideas, I think the coolest one I did was for Valentine’s Day, my fiancé plays the guitar so I cut a huge guitar shape out of styrofoam and hot glues king size candy bars to it and but crown royal in the middle because that’s his drink of choice. It looked amazing and it was HUGE. He’s never gotten a gift like that ever. I did the scrapbook idea for him for a birthday once but now that we’re parents I could do another one like you said! I think I’ll go with your idea on the cars because he LOVES his car. And I didn’t even think about the wine making night with Mom. That is seriously the best idea, quality time 💜 thanks for the post and the giveaways. It’s nice to get excited about stuff like this!

  111. Hi Liana!
    Thank you so much for all of the great gift ideas and you are so creative and inspiring! I appreciate the time you take to write about your life because usually it always applies to my life since our daughters the same age! You could say I’m a little obsessed with your adorable family and I aspire to be like you! Being a young mom it is hard to come up with good gifts when you are short on money, but a lot of these you don’t need too much to make your loved ones happy! God bless and thank you so much girl! 😘

  112. Great gift ideas! This year il be making sugar scrubs for everyone! I love the gummy bear idea, i may have to order a few!

  113. You are so cute! Thanks for sharing your life and ideas so openly!🤗 I have two neat gifts I’ve given. One was for my friend; it was a large cylindrical tall clear glass vase with a bottle of champagne 🍾inside. To fill the space, I added candy, 🍭🎉confetti, and makeup💄. On the outside of the vase I put really beautiful headbands from Nordstrom’s and tied ribbons 🎀. The other gift was for my fiancé. I took a photograph of us taken on a memorable trip and uploaded it to canvas.com. The website turns your photo into any size canvas style picture (very high quality). Then when I received it I took it to Michael’s craft store and picked out a gorgeous matting and frame. It turned out amazing and he loved it !

  114. The most creative gift I’m doing is actually this year! I’m working on a little piece for my boyfriend and the things he collected/photos of him doing what he loves, in honor of his fire career! Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas!

  115. I always love putting together holiday baskets that have similar products that you use just different brands! I also have been into buying personalized gifts.. those are always special!

  116. I just adore you and your family! Great gift ideas!! I once gave my mom tickets to a game show (The Price Is Right) and she actually got on the show and won!! That was pretty cool!

  117. I love the ideas for parents !!, once I give my little brother a apple watch ⌚️ in a shoes box 📦 Not really interesting but next time I’ll take a huggies box instead hahah, I really like your blog and definitely your IG history ♥️♥️ Kisses to baby Luna 🌙

  118. OMG! You’re a life saver! Thanks for the links! I’m not very creative, but my best gift for my birthday was a puppy 🐶. I love her so much, now she’s a grownup lady, though 😁

  119. Great ideas – thank you!! I will be saving this post. I am southern so I loved to give personalized, monogrammed gifts but also I like to keep a notepad on my phone and write down when I recognize a need for someone close to me. My husband and I love to travel so for our first (paper) anniversary I got him a framed map with push pins to mark where we have been together and where we have been separately (its all color coordinated). It was from Push Pin Travels! P.s. I need all of the giveaway items!! 😻

  120. Ok these are such great gift ideas! When it comes to gifts , my mind kind of goes blank, I kind of suck at creative gifts! Thanks for the tips ❤️

  121. Liana you just gave me ideas for the rest of my life! So happy that I read this blog! I’ve gotten my husband a necklace and on the back of it wrote a sweet note and dated it. He loved it!
    Thank you for the awesome advice!

  122. Every year around this time the fam has to remind me of the first grade Christmas shop. I bought my dad a cowboys pencil (not even mechanical, the good old wooden pencil) and he’s not even a Dallas fan🙄 thank goodness my moms creative side rubbed off on me and my gift game has gotten a lot better ha! This year I got them a combined gift… the NEST outdoor camera for the house. We treated ourselves to one and boy does it give you a peace of mind when you’re not home, or even when you are home! Thanks for sharing your ideas Liana, I might have to use a few this year.

  123. I love the ideas! A cool present I did last year was make shell wind chimes! They were perfect and everybody loved them!

  124. Honestly, this is the first year that I will buying everyone in my family a gift because I’m not a “broke college student” anymore. It was so hard to think of gifts for everyone but your post helped me so so much!! Thank you for sharing!!

  125. I love creative gifts as well;) I feel like it really sticks with you when you get something unique. I love to give tickets to concerts/ spa packages, or getaways.

  126. Hello Liana!
    You have some amazing gift ideas! I stick with clothes, hats, scarfs and mittens. And perfumes and colognes. Plus chocolate chocolate and chocolate- can’t go wrong with it 😊 Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 😘

  127. Hi Liana!
    My husband is a die hard Steelers fan. So a few years ago I bought him a ticket to the game, airfare and a hotel. He LOVED it! We are moving to Atlanta in the next few months so I hope I can see you guys before we go.

  128. I suck at being creative with presents so I usually just do gift cards with a box of fancy chocolates or wine lol. But I love all the ideas you’ve listed and definitely giving me some ideas 🤔

  129. I made a professional photo collage for the in laws a few years ago with a beautiful frame! It’s still hanging in there living room.

  130. I made a professional photo collage for the in laws a few years ago with a beautiful frame! It’s still hanging in there living room. It’s huge and so fun to look at!

  131. Love love love all of these great ideas you shared!!! One of my fav (and his) gifts that my bf and I shared was I booked a helicopter trip over LA while we were down south for Disneyland, and then surprised him with some pics I had developed and framed of our adventures over the last couple of years. It was a brand new experience for us both and we got to reminisce about many other great ones 🙂

  132. I love being creative!
    hehe for my friends 21st birthday I got him a big beer mug filled with condoms (I know LOL), chapstick, little alcoholic beverages such as Hennesy, Crown, & Jameson along with some Advil, mints, and mini printed photos.

    Got another friend a puzzle of his car (brilliant gift)

    For girls you can never go wrong with a sexy black leather jacket from nordies

  133. I love those gift ideas! I’m totally getting my parents matching robes with their initials! I never thought of that! & thanks for the stocking stuffer ideas, usually it’s always random crap we don’t use but your ideas are very helpful! My family will be happy this year haha I’m acatully putting my husbands gift in a huge box and he has to open up ever box until he gets to the bottom! Can’t wait for the laughter 😀

  134. I’m going to use the movie tickets idea for the secret santa we are having in our classroom. As for my own creativity, I’ve gotten cute pictures and dishes for Christmas for friends a family when I was broke a.f. from the 99cent store. People were surprised they had things.

  135. I’ve bought my dad a crossbow and a video drone because he’s super into photography and I also got one of his photos published in a photography magazine.. one of my exs was really into craft beer and drinks so I bought him a “make your own beer” kit at bevmo.. bought my sister tickets to see her favorite artist perform is SF! Would love to win this giveaway 🙂

  136. Love your gift ideas !!! I just want to add : another great gift idea is GIFT SETS . Ex : gift sets from LUSH ! they come with Christmas bath bombs , face masks ,oils , face moisturizers , etc . And who wouldn’t want anything from lush ?! You can get makeup gift sets from Sephora , perfume gift sets . Really really good idea .

  137. I love to handmake a lot of my gifts especially to my hubby. I feel like it makes it more special and memorable 🙂 Last year I decorated a jar with “100 reasons why I love you” and wrote out each reason on a individual strip of paper so that he can open a new one everyday. For stocking stuffers I like to find unique thing . For instance my husband is really into photography so got him a usb drive shaped like a camera and coffee mug shaped like a camera lense.

  138. I love to handmake a lot of my gifts especially to my hubby. I feel like it makes it more special and memorable 🙂 Last year I decorated a jar with “100 reasons why I love you” and wrote out each reason on a individual strip of paper so that he can open a new one everyday. For stocking stuffers I like to find unique thing . For instance my husband is really into photography so got him a usb drive shaped like a camera and coffee mug shaped like a camera lense.

  139. I love all your gifts ideas. I think I’m going to buy some gifts to my family and some for me like the silk pillowcase and some Derma e products that I’ve been waiting to buy. I think the most creative Christmas gifts idea is the one that I’m doing this year, I’m giving to my hubby 6 different gifts, one for each sense, it’s like the 5 senses but I added the senses of fashion. Like for ex: smell: a perfume, sight: movie tickets, heard, EarPods, taste: his favorite wine, touch: a robe and last but not least fashion: a pair of boots, each one with a note that says something that I love about him. I already excited for Christmas Day just to see his reaction.

  140. Love that you’re so down to earth!! Love reading your blog-keep it up 😜👌🏻

    Gift cards are my go-to when I can’t think of anything-cuz you’re right, who doesn’t drink Starbucks (or Dutch bro’s if here local)?? 😁

  141. I’ve done the whole gift card at the bottom of a big box! Well actually, it was like 10 boxes lol my friend loved gum and food places, so I placed a $5 gift card plus a pack of gum in one small box, then placed that into a bigger box with another $5 gift card and gum, placing that into an even bigger box..and so on! I did that for like 10 boxes until it was once huge box. And then it was fun watching her open each one lol

  142. Usually do gift cards unless it’s my sisters. I have to know a person really really well to give them something creative. And ur ideas are way better than mine. U gave me alot of ideas for my gifts this year! Really appropriate this post!! And would love to win this give away!!!

  143. Here are my ideas – thank me later;)

    -Big Knit Blanket/etc out of Merino Wool (soo soft and will transform your room, way too cute!

    -“Invictus” Men cologne

    -Engraved wood watch “Tree Hut” (check out website!!!)

    -Stress Relief Eucalyptus+Spearmint Aromatheraphy
    (Bed Bath and Body Works) so soothing!

    -Pou Pourri (agree all the way with Liana! Funny yet thoughtful gift, got it for part of my sister in laws bridal shower gift)

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