Guys, my head has been in the clouds, literally. Been traveling around for the past two weeks. Discovering the most beautiful parts of this world. I’m going to split my honeymoon blog into 3 different posts because A. I don’t want to bore you with one looooooooooooong one. And B. It’s easier this way to categorize each topic. So with that being said lets get started…By the way…I’m currently in Croatia. Sitting in the living room of what used to be a beautiful suite, but now there’s dry pizza in random corners of the room, wine dripping down from the table onto the floor, Mike and Aaron sleeping at 1pm, and probably won’t wake up until I pour cold water on them. We have a wedding to attend in an hour btw… crap…I actually gotta go wake them up.


K I’m back. Only this time my location has changed.

One minute I’m having breakfast here:

Next minute I’m dealing with this:

I’m actually super excited about writing this blog! Aside from what you all saw on my IG stories I still have so much to share about the trip! I’ll get more detailed, and trust me, plenty of juicy stories that you don’t want to miss!

So lets rewiiiiiiiind all the way back to August 24th. The start of everything. We packed up and headed to the airport. First stop: Connecticut. Drop Luna off at Bibi’s house (Mike’s mom.) Luna has always been pretty easy to travel with, and usually falls asleep for some period of time…but with her being 18 months now she’s quickly discovered that her parents will desperately give her anything just so the flight is as stress free as possible. So yes, we hand her electronic devices just so she doesn’t bug us, and the people around lol. There will be plenty of time for good parenting at home, but being in a confined area like the plane is not the time nor place. So if you are traveling with a baby/toddler and don’t want to lose your shit I suggest you bow down to the little rascal.

Things that help our flight go smoothly:

• IPad with her favorite movies on it.

• All her favorite snacks (even the unhealthy ones)

• Coloring book

• Play Doh. The flight attendance might hate you, but it keeps your kid entertained.

We stayed in Connecticut for 2 days just to get Luna adjusted & make sure Mike’s mom got use to her schedule. Leaving your child is NEVER easy. Yes we were eager to leave our parenting responsibilities behind, but somewhere deep down we both felt a bit guilty. It’s like “Luna we love you, but we are gonna go have the time of our life without you…BYEEE!” We were leaving for two weeks. You know, I actually want to talk about this briefly. If you are a parent, and you have the opportunity to go on vacation. TAKE IT. Try to ignore those guilty feelings for your own sanity. Your child is never going to hate you for “taking a break.” Heck they probably need a break from you too! It’s funny because Mike and I were talking about this, and thought Luna must WANT us to leave her alone sometimes. Can you imagine being groped on 24/7 by your parents?! So guess what? The first few days we were on vacation we tried face timing her, and she wouldn’t even come to the phone lol she was like “heyyyyy parents out of town partaaaaay!” However, halfway through our trip one of our face times was unbearable! I remember her grabbing the phone and kissing it non stop, then when we would say “okay bye Luna we will talk to you later” her bottom lip started quivering, tears forming in her eyes, and all of sudden she starts crying. The most quite, sweetest little cry. Tears slowly going down her face, holding the phone with both hands, and not taking her eyes off us in that tiny screen. THAT’S when I lost it.

So yes there will be moments where you’ll want to hop on a plane & see your baby. What helped me was a shot of tequila J/K no, but seriously what helped me was reminding myself to LIVE IN THE MOMENT. I will be her mother for the rest of her life. But the chances of me going back to Capri sharing a plate of spaghetti with my husband is very slim. Take that vacation, enjoy extra long warm showers, and be spontaneous because when you come back home (especially to your screaming kids) you’re gonna wish you were back in vacay mode lol

Preparing for a trip that required me in a bathing suit everyday:

Oh the preparation and suffering that went into this trip. I dented the bank account with the amount of shopping I did & I was a complete b*tch on a diet. A woman who wants every single bathing suit and outfit while being deprived from carbs & sugars is not a pleasant one to be around. Having a killer wardrobe was my mission, and I think I’ve overly succeeded because everything I put on was SO bomb. Hang tight I’ll be sharing where I got everything from later…..

 Oh who am I kidding?!?! I’m sure most of you started reading this just to get the deet’s on my outfits anyway. So keep scrolling until you come to an outfit that you liked, and the info to where it came from will be above the photo!! You’re welcome!!!

♥ Airport Attire ♥

The most comfortable, yet stylish track suit: Meshki (online) 

Pink high wasted sweats and button up shirt also from Meshki 

♥ Sleep/Lounge Wear ♥

This was the most sexiest and comfortable set. I wore it every night to bed, and even went to breakfast in it. From: Revolve

♥ Bathing Suits ♥

 I loved how the gold tone made me look so tan in this bathing suit, but I actually wore the bottoms once because they gave me major camel toe. I ended up wearing the strapless top almost every day!

The suit was from: Luli Fama

Cover Up: BCBG

White One Piece Bathing Suit: Agent Provacatour

Earrings: Rebecca Minkoff 

This bathing suit was the ultimate killer. You see a tiny glimpse of nipples, but still enough coverage to leave something for the imagination =)  Made by: Montce

My IG blew up over this “skirt.” It’s actually a bathing suit, and I paired it with a white top that was a matching piece from another bathing suit. The bottoms that come with the white top are in the photo below…They are high wasted, cheeky.

Again: Montce 

Matching His & Hers: Hoaka Swimwear

I had SOOOOO many people ask about this “dress.” It’s NOT a dress. It’s completely see through. I wore it as a cover up. From: Revolve

Okay I wasn’t going to post this photo because I have NO clue where this bathing suit came from, but its so damn cute! The red coverup is from IKRUSH

I’m so mad because I had such an adorable bathing suit that I never got a chance to take photos in, and accidentally left it in Greece =( Actually, two weeks of back to back traveling, packing, and unpacking surprisingly I only forgot 2 things.  Bathing Suit, and retainers. (Yes I wear retainers every single night. I didn’t wear braces for 3 years just to f*ck up my teeth again!) lol 

♥ Outfits ♥

The yellow dress, oh this yellow dress. I think EVERYBODY needed to know where it came from so I’m finally sharing: ASOS

This was definitely one of my favorites. I felt like a Greek Goddess in it 

Two piece set: Windsor (the bottoms look like a skirt, but they’re shorts underneath 

I LOVED this dress so much that I repeated it 3 times on the trip! It appears see through, but there’s a nude lining underneath that comes down to your butt. 

From Revolve 

Gingham Dress: Revolve

Yellow Hat: Nordstrom

Floral Dress: Forever 21

Emerald Flip Flops: RAYE 

Clutch: Little boutique in Jupiter FL (gotta support the locals!)


Dress with corset around the waist: BCBG (Also something I wore ALL the time.)

Oversized T-Shirt Dress: Missguided

Ready for this??? The dress that everyone thought cost a pretty penny….

Forever 21!!!

I know, I know, I need to give you guys a break cause these outfits are to much too handle.

K lets continue: Almost done! 

I went from Mommy to Mami real quick in this two piece set from: Meshki

Earrings: Bought them there in Greece from a lady who hand makes them 

Two piece: Windsor (if you watched my IG stories you know I cut the slits higher in Croatia. Then I ended up throwing them away because they were completely destroyed after partying haha)

Earrings: Again, locally hand made by a designer there in Greece

White Jumpsuit: Meshki (Gotta go commando in this outfit because even a tiny nude thong shows.) 

Studded Sandals: Valentino 

♥ Accessories ♥

Bag: Zac Posen

Nail Bracelet: Cartier

Gold Love Ring: Cartier

Watch: Rolex  

The double chain necklace that I wore with almost every outfit: Urban Outfitters

I mentioned where these earrings came from above, but here’s a closer look. Again they are: Rebecca Minkoff

I was going to pretend like I forgot where these sunglasses came from because I know everybody wants them. Selfishly I want to be the only one rocking them BUT I can’t do that to you guys. So once and for all, they are SAINT LAURENT =)

And there you have it!!!! Hope I covered all my outfits! If you remember something I wore, but didn’t see it here please DM me!

Now pretty lady, go buy yourself something!!!!! =)




  1. Your outfits were absolutely stunning.! You looked great as always.! And I can completely understand the mom guilt! I told hubby that as soon as I’m done breastfeeding we are taking a “break” and going away! It’s going to be super hard because as a parent you don’t trust anyone else with the life of your little one but like you said all us parents need a break every once in a while ❤️Can’t wait for the other post.!!

  2. You’re outfits were definitely gorgeous and so were you but of course! I’m glad you guys got to get away and spend your time and finally HONEYMOOON and not have to worry about Lunachka for a bit. That’s very important too!

  3. You *ucking!! Rocked all those outfits!!!!!’ Glad to see a mami who understand you need me time away from being a full time mommy!!!! To many more amazing vacations for you and your other half!! Can’t wait for part 2,3 of the blogs 🙂

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