In this post I’ll cover details from our time in Capri and Positano. Where we stayed, what we did, and my thoughts on both places. Is it just me or have you also noticed that going to the Amalfi Coast has become a “thing” now. Like every other IG picture is someone on a balcony or boat with colorful buildings on a cliff in the background. So, here is my experience. Hopefully my information will be helpful to those that are planning to go or it will be a place you add to your bucket list =)


Most people who visit the Amalfi Coast stay in Positano (as it’s the most popular.) Then you can take a tour to explore the surrounding areas. Capri being one of them. However, after talking to a few friends who visited the place told us staying in Capri for a couple days would be worth it. So that was our first destination.

¬†Traveling out there wasn’t so bad, but the time change made us feel out of wack.

√ó First flight 7pm JFK to Paris (about 8 hours.)

√ó Second flight Paris to Napolis (about 2 hours.)

√ó Arrived to Napolis around 11:30am.

× Jumped into a taxi that drove us to the dock, and from there it was an hour long ferry to the island of Capri. Oh wait, and thats not it, then we had a car service take us to the hotel. 

Tip: When planning a trip ALWAYS ask your hotel what transportation services they provide. This will save you a lot of $$$

¬†Driving to the hotel, oh boy. That gave us the first glimpse into Capri. Drivers maneuvering around on a one way street with 2 way traffic! It was intense! But as we spent more time there we too became pro’s. One day we rented a scooter and drove around the island ourselves. (Which was one of the best things we did!)

In Capri we stayed at the Caesar Augustus Hotel

¬†It’s located on the VERY TOP of the island. ¬†Just look at this beauty!

It was someone’s villa in 1850!! 50 years later a Russian prince bought the place, and then sold it to the Signorini family who transformed it into a hotel.

As we walked in we were greeted by staff members. Handing us warm towels, drinks and snacks. I looked around, and immediately got a sense of comfort and warmth. It wasn’t the typical modern hotel. I almost wanted to take off my shoes because it felt like I steeped into an Italian grandma’s home. So much history occupied the walls, floors and rooms. The decor was old fashioned yet so elegant. I couldn’t help, but curiously run over to the elevator that was clearly there from ages ago! Then they took us to the back patio which literally took my breath away. *Sigh* The view, oh that view…..

Before I could close my jaw a handsome gentleman was standing in front of us with his hand out waiting to introduce himself. He was the owners son, and manages the property. AHA! That’s what made this place so unique! The owner’s are involved with every guest that visits. We continued our tour..walking up and down cobbled steps. Exploring every detail of this magnificent place. The infinity pool that overlooks the entire sea and the Amalfi Coast. They even have their own garden where fresh ingredients get picked daily, and used for our meals. No wonder it’s known to be one of the best hotels in the world.

Day 1 in Capri (The romantic dinner fail)

¬†I didn’t make much plans for our first day in Capri because the last thing I wanted to do was commit to a schedule after traveling all day. We got to the hotel around 3pm, and even though we just wanted to crash on our bed and pass out, we didn’t. Part of it was because we had to catch up with the time change, and the other part was…..well we were only there for 3 days, and we weren’t going to waste one of them sleeping. We enjoyed the property, got familiar with the area, ate lunch on their terrace, and laid out by the pool. Later that night I had a surprise for Mike. A unique dining experience in a tree house!

It slowly went from romantic to disaster lol….I proudly walked through the restaurant with Mike, getting looks from people who obviously knew we were getting “special treatment.” In that moment I was like “Ha! You peasants sit at a boring dinner while we get the ultimate VIP experience.” LOL little did I know I’d soon be jealous of those people. The dinner started with a beautiful sunset, glass of wine, and our stomach’s ready for the 7 course meal. When the sun went down it all of a sudden got soooooooooo cold. Mike moved the heat lamp closer to us, and a few minutes later he dragged in another one lol. They even brought us blankets when they noticed how cold we were. That was nice and all, but they should have just moved us inside at that point. Before I planned the dinner I told them my husband DOES NOT eat any kind of seafood. They obviously forgot because they kept bringing out fish dishes. We had to tell them a few times that he doesn’t eat fish. So,¬†I know how much Mike hates beef tartar and I jokingly said “watch, they will end up bringing you beef tartar.” Guess what?! Sure enough beef tartar was placed in front of him. I almost died laughing. He wouldn’t dare annoy the waitress again so he stuffed it inside the bread bowl to make it look like he ate it. A few more courses come out, and I kept looking inside the restaurant. Seeing everyone look so warm, and comfortable. Here we are struggling to get the food in our mouth because our hands are shivering. Plus we are paying double the price of what those people inside were paying! Jokes on us. I finally gave in and said “screw this! Move us inside!” The restaurant was already packed, and the best table we got was like next to the door in the corner… So much for VIP. Anyway, the dinner lasted 3 hours which MAYBE would have been okay on another night…but not when we were jet lagged practically falling asleep in between courses.

Tip: I wouldn’t suggest planning an extravagant dinner on the day you’ve traveled.¬†

Day 2 in Capri (Exploring Capri, drunk wild night)

¬Ľ¬†We went to La Fontelina Beach Club. Under the impression that it was going to be a beach club so we were ready to rage, but it wasn’t anything like that lol…. It was just a nice place to have lunch, and get some sun. (If you plan on going keep in mind you can only get here by boat, and strict reservations. I’d also rent day beds in¬†advance¬†because they get booked quickly.)

¬Ľ We rented a scooter, and rode around the island which like I mentioned above was my favorite part. I highly recommend doing this because you feel like a local cruising around the streets, stopping wherever you want, hide in the bushes and have sex on the side of the cliff, lol jk but no seriously, rent the scooter, and go have fun!

¬Ľ Later that night we had no¬†intentions of going out, but after having dinner and drinks at Ristorante Panorama, we¬†were not ready to end the night. We ended up walking around downtown and¬†stumbling across a place called Taverna Anema e Core. Come to find out it’s one¬†of the most famous clubs in the world. I even noticed paparazzi outside. At first when we got there I¬†wasn’t impressed. It¬†wasn’t really nice inside, there was hard wood tables with benches, and some Italian¬†band playing. I turned to Mike and said “lets get out of here.” He insisted on staying an hour to give it a¬†chance . Well that one hour led us to the early morning. We ended up having SOOOO much fun. Dancing on the tables with people from all around the world, everyone so happy and unified. I was even singing in Italian by the end of it all…or how Mike likes to say it “She thinks she was singing in Italian, but really it was like she was¬†ordering pizza….Ahhhhh Margarrrrrrita, ahhh Parmigiano!!!”

BTW do NOT, I¬†repeat do NOT take shots of Lemoncello!! You¬†don’t realize at¬†first, but they get you f*cked up!!

Day 3 in Capri 

¬Ľ¬†Unfortunately¬†I drank a little too¬†much the night before which led me to being¬†extremely¬†sick. Like¬†throwing up¬†sick ūü§Ę Even¬†though we had a blast, I regret letting¬†myself get so out of control because it kind of ruined our last day =(¬†

¬ĽThis was the day¬†I¬†was really looking forward too. We had an 8 hour¬†private boat tour set up with a¬†professional¬†photographer/videographer.

Tip: I have many of you asking who takes our photos when we travel? If its not a random stranger then it’s a¬†hired¬†photographer. The concierge at your hotel can¬†usually¬†recommend¬†photographers that they know of, but it might cost you an arm an a leg. I’d say book one yourself through UpWork!¬†

So anyway, doing a boat day in Capri is a must!!! I regret getting so drunk the night before because this was something that deserved to be fully enjoyed. The captain was taking us to all these awesome secret locations. We were able to stop wherever we wanted to take photos or go swimming. The photographer we hired was there ready to capture every moment, and yet here I was covering my face focusing on not throwing up =( But no matter how sick I felt I refused to let the opportunity of seeing the Blue Grotto slip away. When we got to the area I was so confused. Our captain told us we had to get off the boat, and go wait in line for a small boat to take us inside the Grotto. I looked over at the line, and it must have been a mile long! I asked if we can skip the line by tipping someone….That did the trick =) He whistled over at some man who came & took us right away. I started getting major anxiety. The boat was SO TINY, waves were crashing against us nearly flipping the boat over, and then this Italian man starts screaming for us to lay down as he leans backwards on top of us! We all had to duck in order to go inside that’s how tiny the entrance to the Grotto was. Once we got in I saw pure magic. This entire cave was lit up in the most beautiful deep blue I’ve ever seen. One thing that made this moment so memorable was the man who took us started singing in Italian. Then all the other men joined him. The entire cave echoed with ¬†beautiful Italian love words. I enjoyed seeing these locals who took pride & pleasure showing the rest of the world what their island is made of.

What should have been an 8 hour boat tour got cut to 3 hours because I was just so miserable. Don’t make the same mistake I did, and if you easily get sea sick then bring Dramamine with you!

Side note: They normally don’t let people swim in the Blue Grotto because it’s too dangerous, but since we tipped the guy he let Mike jump in. Keep in mind, there’s no rules for people who tip lol


We took about an hour long ferry that brought us directly in Positano. Getting to our hotel was a bit tricky. This is exactly what the concierge told us to do “Get off the ferry, and find the blue portals where you’ll hand your luggage to someone in a blue shirt. They will bring your belongings to us. Then walk over to the pedestrian area, find the Pizza Place, and that’s where you can catch a taxi that can bring you to the hotel.” My immediate reaction was like ummmm wtf? I have to trust my luggage to be delivered safely by a man in a blue shirt? It’s like let’s see which tourists are dumb enough to fall for this scheme. Well, Mike and I decided to take our chance’s. We handed our luggage over, looked at each other, and said “hope it makes it!” lol. Then ¬†we started our journey to find this taxi station. It took us FOREVER. There’s only one street that goes up, and one street that goes down. Thats why taxis can’t take you past certain points because not only is it inconvenient for them, but it’s impossible sometimes.

We stayed at Villa Franca for 2 nights

This was a boutique hotel. Very small, modern and private. I actually prefer hotels like this versus the big property ones.

Day 1 in Positano 

¬Ľ When we arrived our room wasn’t ready & our luggage wasn’t there either. Do you understand how nerve racking it was waiting around for our luggage!? Praying and hoping we didn’t get fooled lol. The hotel staff reassured us that it was in good hands so we took their word for it. Do you guys think it made it???

IT SUREEEEE DID! See, trusting strangers is not so bad after all =) Our room still wasn’t ready, but since our suitcases were there we were able to grab our bathing suits, and lay out by the pool. Then we had a delicious lunch which I’m still drooling over…not to mention, LOOK AT THE VIEW!!! UGHHH in love.

¬Ľ Later that night we had dinner at the restaurant in our hotel. Wouldn’t recommend it…way too overpriced, way too fancy, and we left hungrier then we arrived if thats even possible. The portions were the size of my pinky.

By fancy I mean gold shavings in our salad ūüôĄ

Tip: Always check the¬†menu¬†of the¬†restaurants in your hotel prior to¬†sitting down…

¬Ľ After dinner we headed to a place called Music on the Rocks. It was so cool. Never seen a club like this before…it’s inside a cave! We partied for a little bit, and started making our journey back to the hotel. By the time we got to the hotel I think I peed myself 10 times. I had terrible cramps from walking, and laughing so much. All because of my husband. He wouldn’t stop talking about pizza ever since we left our unsatisfied dinner….so after a few drinks he was on a roll! (I actually have the most funniest videos of him which I’m hoping he’ll let me add in the Vlog.) We were stumbling the streets of Positano at 2am. He’s screaming “we are in Italy!! Where the f*ck is the pizza!?!??!” There was a group of guys that walked by with white shirts and Mike goes “are they chefs?! Can they make me a damn pizza?!” There were just random guys going to the club haha. One time we stopped to take a break because my feet hurt, and I notice a photo of a pizza plastered on the wall above Mikes head….so of course me being the instigator that I am I said “Hey babe there’s your pizza!!” And he got SO EXCITED shouts out “hell yeahhhh where!??!?” When he realizes I was talking about the photo he literally wanted to kill me. When we finally got back to our hotel (still not sure how we managed to do that) the first thing Mike asks the concierge is “do you guys have room service?” And the guy says “not really it’s too late, but what do you want? Maybe a pizza?” The pizza God’s heard him complaining for hours, and finally came to the rescue!!! He devoured that pizza in .01 seconds.

Day 2 In Positano 

¬Ľ The next day we had reservations at Fire Beach Club which was HIGHLY recommended by a few people, but we decided to skip this one out. Partly because we were hungover from the night before (Mike more then me this time) and the other part we actually just wanted to have a day with no plans. Mike decided to sleep in while I took advantage of rejuvenating my body & soul at the spa. Also I finished my book “The Last Mrs. Parrish.” (If you’re into reading this is by far the most twisted craziest book I’ve ever read.) ¬†

¬Ľ We finally got our lazy ass’s to go out later in the day. It was so romantic. Positano is a dream. We walked out of our hotel, and just started walking. No destination, no direction. Just exploring as we went…I loved how we’d be walking on the street, and then all of a sudden there’d be an opening into a random little alley on the side. Car’s can’t even get through so you have to walk into these tight little spaces, and eventually come across a cute boutique or a local coffee shop…Seeing how people live was my favorite. It’s such a simple yet beautiful lifestyle. They hang their clothes on their balcony’s. Men sitting on their patios smocking cigars, and playing cards. Kids playing soccer on the streets. Women walking with groceries in their hands probably going home to cook up a feast. You hear someone singing in Italian somewhere in the distance. It’s just such a cool little town. and I can’t wait to go back!

Tip: What I would have done differently in Positano is staying longer. It was a place that definitely deserved to be explored more.

This photo explains exactly how Positano is built. On a cliff with restaurants, and hotels sharing one street.

Thoughts on both places:

‚ô• Capri is a tiny island which you can explore in a day. Positano is bigger, and requires much more time.

‚ô• A LOT of walking in both places, ESPECIALLY Positano!!

‚ô• Capri was very peaceful, and relaxing. As for Positano it was more lively.

‚ô• The downtown area in Capri is much more high end. All our name brand stores. Positano is casual with random little boutiques owned by the locals.

‚ô• Food was okay in Capri, but a bit pricey. Positano had amazing food with much better price options.

‚ô• Night life in both places is amazing if you go to the right spots.

‚ô• I loved our hotel in Capri because of the spectacular views. I could have sat on our balcony all day if I could because I felt like I was on top of the world. Our hotel in Positano was tiny, but I have to say I liked it more. It was so classy, and private. I felt like sexy men in the mafia had meetings, and affairs there lol

‚ô• Both places are amazing to take a boat out. However in Capri there was much more beautiful caves, and rock sculptures.

‚ô• Cost wise…both places are expensive, but Capri definitely takes the cake. At least in Positano you can find a hotel that’s a decent price. In Capri it’s nearly impossible.








  1. I‚Äôve been waiting for this blog for so long!! Reading it made me feel like I was in the streets of Positano with you guys! Im so glad you enjoyed. Love your blogs! ‚̧ԳŹ

  2. Thank you for sharing ‚̧ԳŹ can’t wait to do something similar… I was ready this post with my little son and he kept saying “woooow!!!!! –í–į–ī–ł—á–ļ–į (water)ūüôą

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