Wahhhh I kinda don’t want to write this one because it means the trip has come to an end =( I was like totally reliving this entire vacation while writing these blogs. Okay, so jumping right in, after Positano we hoped on a plane to go to Santorini Greece.

× Flight from Positano 2:10pm to Santorini Greece (about 3 hours)

× Drive from airport to hotel (about an hour)

The ride over to the hotel was not what I expected from “Greece.” We were going over dirt roads, cardboard box homes, and lots of dead land. To be honest I was a little worried. Head’s up, DON’T judge Greece by what you see while driving to your destination lol. Just like any other place it has it’s good, and bad. Many of you have been dying to know what hotel we stayed at….

Perivolas Hotel 

This was the view from the reception area. Incredible!!! 

Greece has been on my bucket list for a really long time so when it came to choosing a hotel I was extremely picky! It was also very overwhelming because there’s so many options! The reason I chose this one is because it gives you the REAL feel for Greece. You can stay at a typical modern hotel any day. Why go to Greece, and not do something out of the ordinary!? This hotel is built into rocks, and carved in cave rooms. It’s a convenient 5 minute walk to the main town of Oia, you have the most incredible views from every angle, and the food/room service is 5 stars. What I thought was super cool was when we checked in the lady gave us a key, an actual key not a card that beeps into a slot lol, and she says “the room’s don’t have numbers.” So strange right?! But they do that on purpose because they want your room to feel like your home without a number labeling it. So basically when she walked us over that was the time to remember the exact spot we were in. As she’s giving us information about our stay her voice slowly faded….I thought I entered into heaven. Greece is everything I pictured it to be. As far as you can see it’s just ALL white buildings with accents of blues on the doors, and windows. The view especially from our room was by far the best I’ve ever laid eyes on (Okay the one in the Maldives was pretty spectacular too) but here’s some photos to refresh your memory from seeing it on my IG.

The first 3 nights we stayed in the “Deluxe Room with a Pool.”

Doesn’t it look like the Flinstones?! What you should know about this place is they have no T.V’s, not the best internet service, not much closet space in the first room we stayed in, but a little bigger closet in the second one. Most of the rooms are located on walking paths so people can definitely see into your pool/jacuzzi/outside area. The gym is across the street. However, none of these were deal breakers….I loved everything about it. If we ever go back this is the only hotel I’d want to stay in.

Sadly, we had to switch rooms on our 4th night, because the deluxe room was already booked by someone else, but honestly it was just as good. (Minus the view we had in the first room.) BUT it did have have a bathtub (which the first room didn’t ) and a small little jacuzzi outside.

If had to pick between the two rooms I would for sure say room #1 was better. Yes it’s a bit pricey, but totally worth it because if you’re like us…you’ll spend most of your time in there. Plus Santorini is a place for lover’s. There’s not much to do besides lay around, have sex, eat good food, and explore the small town of Oia which was right next to us. I absolutely adore the people in Greece, and the laid back lifestyle. One restaurant we went to was like this mom, and pop type of place. The guy was literally cooking the shish kabobs outside on the grill serving them fresh. Their kitchen looked like my grandmas kitchen with big pots, and pans, spices everywhere, GARLIC, AND ONIONS used in every dish lol, a little T.V set to their local channel, and then you hear some of them singing obnoxiously in the back lol. There’s tons of shops with unique handmade clothing, and accessories. Which reminds me….these people know how to hustle!!! lol Greece is a place that’s seasonal. In the winter it’s a ghost town so it’s important for them to make their money during the busy times, and most of them actually go back to their hometown’s in the winter. Also, don’t bother wearing heels or getting “too” dressed up! There’s no night life, and you’re walking on rocks, and stones the whole time. You can basically jump around from roof to roof, go up, and down random steps that always lead you to gorgeous views. It was like being a kid exploring the world for the first time.

Here’s a photo of Mike that kinda show’s you their’s not much restriction to where you can go. You see a cool location? Climb up, and enjoy!  Someone’s room was probably right underneath him too lol

And see that blue little window behind me? That was someone’s bathroom lol 

Oh, and there’s stray cat’s everywhere!!!!! Not sure why, but if you are not a cat person this might bug you lol

Story Time:

One night we were sleeping, and I hear this noise coming from outside our door. Sounded like a baby crying! I quietly walked over to the door to listen, and again this crying noise which then turned into screaming. Scared the shit out of me so I jumped into bed where Mike was already up asking “wtf is that?!” We were both so confused plus half asleep lol, and then omg I’ll never forget how we heard the most loudest, and torturous scream. Realizing it was a cat getting attacked by another cat! I opened up the door where it was pitch dark outside, and could barely see this little kitty under our sun bed. I got a little closer to see if I could help, but it viscously meowed at me, and I got scared thinking it was going to take it’s anger out on me. So we left it alone, and had to listen to the cries, and moans of it ALL NIGHT. It was so sad! 

Some adventuress things to do in Santorini:

» ATV riding

» Renting a boat for a few hours. We got one for 4 hours, and it was plenty of time!

» Ride a donkey

» HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER TO TAKE PICTURES (beautiful landmarks everywhere!)

That’s honestly pretty much everything lol that’s why I say if you go to Santorini get yourself a nice room because you’ll probably end up spending most of your time there.

Leaving Santorini is a DISASTER. Our fight out was a flight from hell. Their airport is SO TINYYYYY, no A/C, not enough space ESPECIALLY when every flight is delayed, and people just keep coming in stacking on top of each other like sardines. I had major anxiety in there! The flight was delayed about 2 hours, we had to stand or sit on the nasty floor the whole time with sweaty people rubbing up against you. Be mentally prepared for this part of the trip lol

Last, but not least….CROATIA 

Oh gosh, Croatia, Croatia, Croatia… talk about a place that know’s how to friken party! This was our last stop, and it worked out great because our entire honeymoon was fairly mellow up until this point. We lost our minds for 4 days, and ended with a bang. Michael’s close friend was getting married so that’s why we ended up there in the first place.

To be exact we were in Hvar Croatia. Stayed at the Amfora Beach Resort 

To be completely honest I was NOT a fan of the hotel. It was WAY too big, crowded, the actual maintenance, and service was so bad. Could barely reach anyone at the front desk, and when you finally did they took hours to bring up anything. We stayed at one of their penthouse suites so our room was a little nicer compared to what we heard from the guests staying in their regular rooms. I wouldn’t stay here again if we went back. However, I can’t deny their lavish breakfast though. We dined like royal’s in the morning. Probably what gave us the energy to party all day/night.

Croatia itself was very beautiful. Had many random little island’s scattered around. The language sounded soooooooo similar to Russian. The vibe out there is kinda laid back, but people definitely get dressed up when going out. The food was bomb, and overall a great place to visit. We practically went to this place called “Hula Hula” everyday. It’s the hot spot out there. Everyone arrives looking their best. All classy & shit….you order food, listen to good music, socialize, start drinking rosé, and then slowly turn into raging alcoholics. Shirts off, rosé has been switched to tequila, and everyone dancing on the tables like crazy maniacs. The first night we met up with some of our friend’s, and went bar hoping in downtown. Then we all started walking over to some stand that said “This Way To Carpe Diem” pointing you over to some crappy little boat that’s supposed to take you to the island where this club is. Literally it looked like the perfect plot to get drunk tourist’s to believe they are going to party, but really it’s a murder trap. Surely enough, we all hop in, and take this ride over to the island. It’s pitch dark, we are in the middle of the ocean, sitting next to random drunk people. When we arrived it was legit. Like this island is solely dedicated to this one club. Lights flashing everywhere, house music blasting, a pool with floaties, tables, bottle service that brings your alcohol in the most outrageous ways lol it was NUT’S! My husband spent more night’s there then with me for sure lol I couldn’t hang anymore….

Hula Hula

This is what the end of the night looks like. A BLUR.

Resulted to 3am room service

The beautiful all white wedding. This ended up being my favorite day! It was just such a good time with so many amazing people, and we all danced non stop!!! The saxophone guy, and the DJ from Miami had every single person on their feet! 

The ceremony was in Hvar, but the reception was on a different island. Which we had to take a boat to. How friken sick is that?! Your wedding on a private island!! 

Croatia beat Michael up just a little lol

Shifted Glasses (that he wore not realizing….until somebody called him out lol)

Painful Blisters:

That’s The End Of Our Epic Honeymoon! 



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