It’s been a year everyone!!!!! Liana Who has officially been up and running for one whole year and I’m so proud! Luna was just a little baby when this vision came to life. Between the nursing, changing diapers, crying in my pillow and trying to find time with my husband I was staying up all hours of the night typing away trying to create content for you. When I first started I had no idea my blog would get big so fast. I remember the first day I launched my site it crashed within minutes because the web plan I had didn’t support the amount of audience that came on. I was excited, but I remember being so frustrated because I just wanted it to be perfect!

After being heavily involved with my blogging and social media I’ve come to one major conclusion…

I can’t live to please everybody…and thats okay.

Everyone lives differently. We all have different beliefs, values, relationships, thoughts and emotions. When you choose to put yourself out there publicly you have to expect all the criticism, and judgement that will come with it. You have to understand that everybody is entitled to their own opinions, and will interpret everything you post the way it makes sense for THEM.

So lets rewind a little…why did I start my blog?

With social media booming I didn’t like what it was starting to portrait.

How did all of a sudden it became cool to be perfect? To lie, manipulate and disguise real life?

I kind of touched on this topic before, but I feel like we are so hypnotized by what we see! That couple you look up to is really not #couplegoals if you knew the depths of their relationship. That flawless model isn’t actually as flawless as you think (you can thank photoshop for that side of the industry.) That mom who just had a baby doesn’t really have a flat stomach, she just knows her angles and probably mastered all functions on facetune. That man who you see traveling the world is actually pretty lonely at the end of the day….I can go on and on and on……You see, truth is, many of us mask who we really are yet we look up to each other!? How does that make any sense!? We are using IG as an outlet to create something that isn’t actually there. But I asked myself why????? Who are we trying to PLEASE??!?! Why are we so desperate to be favored by others? Desperately trying to expose ourselves in anyway possible in order to get more attention, more likes, more DM’s, more MORE and more.

Nobody can give you enough validation if you don’t like yourself.

And that is exactly the reason why I started my blog a year ago…I was that girl who portrayed a perfect life. I started feeling guilty when other women were looking up to the life I was putting out there. It wasn’t fair. I didn’t want to be “perfect.” I wanted to be relatable. I knew that if I started peeling back the layers and letting my true self show that I would be able to connect with others. Be able to build relationships with amazing people from all around the world.  It was like my way of saying ” HEY, listen up, I want to remind you that no matter how wonderful someone appears on social media they too go through the same sh*t you do!!” In fact, I needed this much more than you think. Not only to make others feel comfortable about themselves, but for me to find myself. I was becoming so numb, and didn’t want to continue with pointless meaningful posts. I couldn’t go another day uploading a sexy photo of me on the beach with #livingthelife. Yes I know there are times when I post those kind of photos and captions!!!! BUT if you truly know me, you know to check my story and see the behind the scenes lol. I’m yelling at my husband who’s all covered in sand trying to get the perfect shot, Luna eating something she shouldn’t be, and I’m actually sweaty AF but the smoothing feature in photoshop just makes it look like I have a nice glow. So am I living the life? Sure! But it’s not the one you see based off of the photo.

For the most part my transparency and openness is appreciated, but its inevitable for negativity to drag in once in a while. I mean, I get it, I’m the one that invited everyone into my life front row seat and all so I understand different types of people will come and go but I just wish some of them would “go” without leaving their dingleberries behind in my comments. Often times I find myself reading things that completely make me question humanity. The comments can be so hurtful, offensive and hit me to the core. There are days where I have to take a break, and pull away from social media because I’m so disgusted with some of the people. You know, actually, before I became a mother nobody’s comments really upset me. Yeah I got annoyed of being called too skinny, but it never made my blood boil like it does when someone calls me a bad mother. If you’re reading this and you’re a mom then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s like a thousand knives to your heart.

 So for those who ask “well, why do you do it then? Why don’t you just become more private?”

Don’t get me wrong, there are many things that I keep private. But why would I put myself in a bubble? I’ve had the pleasure to come across so many amazing people who relate to what I post. Who enjoy watching my family and I for the exact people we are every single day. Not just for the glitz and glam. It’s okay to be silly, wild, crazy, get upset, sad, ask for help, get advice and so on…I hope you too have those emotions because if not then you must be a very boring human.

I can respect those who live privately, and only show little pieces of themselves to us. What I can’t respect are the people who post meaningless selfies, vacations, materialistic bullsh*t day in, day out.

“Yes, for the millionth time we have seen your pretty face, but where’s your personality?”  

Maybe I’m crazy, and I got this all wrong?? Maybe there are people out there that love seeing pointless sh*t?! I don’t know about you, but I’ll pass on watching numerous videos of a dolled up girl batting her eyes, biting her lip, trying to be sexy with Drake playing in the background. Or someone who’s constantly showing off where they are eating with their “man.” Like damn girl do you ever cook a meal for him at home?!? I don’t know, maybe becoming a mom changed my entire outlook on life?! But this is coming from personal experience. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum, I was that girl who thought happiness came from where you went and what you did. But that was empty. It was SO f*cking empty compared to how I feel now. And by no means am I saying you NEED to start a family to be fulfilled, but dig deeper into your own self. You won’t even realize how thirsty your soul is until you remove yourself from these fake distractions and find your purpose.

What can you expect from me in the future?  

I want you all to know who “Lianawhoo” is. My photos may inspire you, you might share my posts and tag your friends, but remember there’s more to me than my IG feed. Thats why I would love for you to visit my blog once a while, watch my IG story, reach out and say “hello!” Get to know me aside from my photos. I’ll always be honest with you guys. I see many bloggers diving deep into the marketing world, trying to sell us everything and anything! I genuinely only collaborate with companies who I myself would buy from! (The discount codes that I get are often times begged for!!! lol) I’ll always share all the useful tips and advice I collect along the way. The great thing about IG is learning from all of you. When I ask questions I usually end up posting the responses, because I know I’m not the only one needing answers. Especially when it comes to this mommy stuff. I can’t even tell you how much I’ve appreciated all the support and advice during this journey!

I’m going to continue being myself regardless of what others think. I know most of you follow me because you enjoy what I put out (that just sounded very slutty lol), but there are those who watch my every move finding any reason to pick on me…And here’s a nice juicy 🖕🏼 for that group of people =) I’ll try to be better at ignoring negative comments, but I can’t promise I won’t expose the ones that really set me off 💣

Last, but not least….I’ll definitely blog more often and stop being so lazy. Sorry, but the new bachelorette season started, and before that it was the Jersey Shower Reunion….oh and before that it was Vanderpump Rules…. (Yes, reality T.V is one of my guilty pleasures.)

As a thank you for all your love and support I put together this giveaway calling it the

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Good Luck!!! 



  1. Love your blog and ig. Your sarcasm is everything . One of the only people on ig that actually makes me laugh . I moved out of south beach a few months ago to Tallahassee and boy has it been an adjustment .My favorite photo is the one of you and Luna on Valentine’s Day it’s so cute . My sons 18 months old so love seeing her in your stories . Anyway thanks for the good read . Posting on ig story now !

  2. I love all ur stories and photos!!!you make it look so easy! I have 2 boys and another baby on the way and i rarely have time to put makeup on or fix my hair. You give me hope!!!
    Oh hello and done love💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  3. DONE!!!!!!!❤️ Seriously though, I will support you always just for the rawness and humor . You always interact and respond to DMs which is not common. You are close to home (916) area and that’s the coolest part of it all ! Congrats on one year!!!!

  4. Hey liana!

    Love your humor, honesty, creativity, and a touch of sexiness you leave behind in your posts! Plus we’re both from 916 area code and I actually Got to run into you at target while you were here! You’re the sweetest and your family is so entertaining to watch on your stories 😊

    Shared , entered, done ✅

  5. Yes and done!!! Loved reading this blog! So genuine and real!! Everyone is their own person and if everyone would be the same as everyone life would be Boring lol I love seeing your little girl and your posts she is the cutest and definitely has your fun and crazy vibe!! I love it!! Girls like you and I consider myself too as crazy and open at times but yet always shut myself down when trying to be my true self cuz yes at times I would say what would ig think of me and thats horrible!!! The only mindset I should have is what would God and the people I love think of me and I know they would only want to see the real me so this was nice to read and gave me more confidence of actually being who I am!!🙌🏼😘😘

  6. Hey Liana!
    You type of those Girls that shows us how married couples suppose to be after married Hot and Sexy even you have a baby. Love watching your stories:) I think I will be this kind of Mom too😂
    Shared, and done ✅

  7. Done! Liana, I appreciate how real you are with everyone & you neve sugar coat anything. I enjoy following you and reading your blog. ❤️ I’m always fascinated how you find the quality time for your internet friends! Absolutely love it! Keep going!

  8. Liana is such a down to earth person. You don’t find too many bloggers/instagramers replying to DMs/comments. It’s like once they hit 10k, they want nothing to do with their followers. Does Liana answer every DM and comment…no but could you expect her to personally answer every comment and DM? Absolutely not. Liana, you make time to answer my DMs, whether it’s about shoes or hair products and I appreciate that. Congrats on a year since the blog!

  9. Telling you this is the most non creepy way but I always check your page daily for IG stories lol they literally make my day lol so glad your blog went boomin so fast . And happy blog anniversary ! Ignore the haters ! Keep being you! P.s. Love your picnic pictures with your baby girl ! Can’t wait till mine is old enough for that ☺️ Xoxo

  10. Hello Liana,
    Been following for a while now, was super excited when I heard you were starting your blog. Happy 1 year😊 Love that your are so true to yourself and others. Can’t wait for what else is in store!!
    Shared and done😀

  11. You are just overall goals to me! Your little family and extended. When I see you visit your mom I get super excited for your insta stories because you two seem to have the best bond. Luna is the cutest baby ever and looks so much like you. Keep on giving us posts because we love them!!!

    Shared and done ❤️


  12. wDone!! I love following you because you are super real which is hard to find on IG. We had babies around the same time so I love supporting other mamas and hearing how they balance mommyhood too. Keep it up

  13. Okay I’m not entering the giveaway, but I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore you and I’m so happy you will be continuing to blog and use your social media! As a fellow mama to a one year old who also appreciates being able to live my life without judgment – it’s really just super refreshing. So thank you for that!

  14. Hello!! Love reading your blog and following you on Instagram. I’m newly engaged and want kids in the next few years so I’ve loved following you to see your fun, and fresh approach to parenting and marriage! It’s so nice to see, and so relatable. I love how you focus on that instead of just what is beautiful and material things (though those are fun too!) so glad I found your blog through your Instagram. Thanks for this fun giveaway, and I am done with all the steps!

  15. Entered! Hope to win! I follow you because you’re we speak the same language, second because you’re hilarious and real!

  16. Hey girl!! All done with tagging you😉 I’ve follkwed your journey since you were pregnant with Luna, as I was pregnant with my little man too ❤️ Your doing a great job mama. Keep up the positive attitude! Btw I love that your not scared to tell people off when they’re being a**holes!!

  17. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your giveaways. You have the cutest little family. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you and your family. Done! ♥️♥️♥️

  18. DONE✅
    Liana you’re hilarious !🤣 “ Michael covered in sand, and Luna is eating something she’s not supposed to ”🤣🤣 that’s us sometimes too 🤣 love your stories , posts and sense of humor ! 💥👍 you’re the realest blogger! Your body is goals (I’m sure I’ve said that many times 😄😄) we could be really good friends especially knowing your love for dried fish 🤣I love it too! With kvass 🤤🤤

  19. Hello beautiful! I love your posts but mostly your realness. You are so funny and such a good ball! Ngl totally wish we lived close so we could hangout 😘 haha reposted for ya- keep on Killin it as a mama and wifey + blogger

  20. Hi Liana!! I ve following you since you first started dating Michael and posting all these cute pics and funny recap videos of your adventures , they are literal goals and your personality is sooo relatable that I never get bored of your blogs !! Especially this recent blog is so accurate asf with social media being so fake lately, as least you keep it real ! Love you 💞

  21. I’ve been following your blog since day one- a whole year of realness and hilarious posts! Keep doing you babe!! Loving it! Posted on my story 🙂 so hard to chose a favorite all your pics are my favorite!

  22. Genuinely enjoyed this post. So many fake people on social media that give unrealistic expectations for so many young girls including myself. Thanks for always being real! Love your blog and insta. DONE

  23. Hi doll!
    Love following your IG account and reading your blog! This post really hit home. Thank you for staying real!
    And thanks for the awesome giveaway! ❤️

  24. HI Liana, love your blogs. I’m one of those who doesn’t share too much but still try to keep it real on the gram. To many people try to look perfect online. I really love your page and been following you for a little while. Keep on keeping it real!

  25. Hehehehhe, nicely written! I agree completely about the craziness behind a perfect picture. But i genuinely enjoy seeing different people on vacations and doing fun and exciting outings. I always get ideas for places to vist and food to re-create at home. Good job Liana, keep up the blogging it’s fun to see what my niece is up to… 😁

  26. I dk you in person but I dont need to know u in person to know and tell you that you’re amazing!!!! At your age you’re VERY mature and inspire so many of us!!!!! HELLO, DONE…

    THANK YOU!!!

  27. Hopefully this isn’t too late! Read your post as soon as you posted it and got carried away and didn’t get to responding until now 😏 Enjoy reading your blog just because of how real you are and your insta stories are always so funny! Wish there were more people out there like you that could live and enjoy life without caring what people think about your every move and post. You’re family goals ❤️❤️❤️

  28. Hello and done 😊
    Happy 1st year to you Liana! Love reading your blogs and enjoy how true you are to the things in life everyone wants to make seem perfect. So fun to read. When will you launch mommy and me?

  29. “Nobody can give you enough validation if you don’t like yourself…”


    For a long time I was miserable, and didn’t find myself as descent as another insta model, but then I realize who else was going to appreciate me if I don’t learn to appreciate myself? So I changed my thinking. Took care of myself

    Just wanted to let you know that you are very much appreciated for reminding me about compassion. You’re right Liana! You don’t really know what people go through off Social Media. Instagram creates a monster out of everyone.

    Anyway, I hope the pregnancy is going smoothly.God will get you through it. Your persistence and passion is a gift to other people. Keep being an inspiration.

    Even though I never met you in person these blogs help with my self-esteem. Now I can be a bad b*tch(pun intended) lol, but with an actual heart. And judging people does nothing for anyone.l, besides brings out the flaw of the person judging. Genius. Have a blessed day!

    Nastassia Centeio

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