As you guys know I recently did a maternity photoshoot that was completely over the top ridiculous! Just the way I wanted it.

When Adam Opris reached out to me in regards to potentially working together I couldn’t believe it. He is like the king of photography!!! If you just take one look at his images you’ll see his undeniable talent immediately. I knew I had to take this opportunity and do something EPIC! He was someone I saw had the skills to create something out of the ordinary. I was 13 weeks pregnant when him and I started brainstorming which gave me the time I needed to really think about what I wanted to achieve going into this.

My thoughts for the photoshoot:

Have a strong message behind it


Make it extremely powerful and dominant

Do something that hasn’t been done before

Involve my family

After months of not being able to come up with anything I was beginning to get frustrated. I needed some sort of inspiration. I was searching the web “cool maternity shoots, unique pregnancy photos…etc” The images that kept popping up were the ones I’ve seen a million times before. (Nothing wrong with those btw.) In fact I find all maternity photos so beautiful, and still plan on doing the classic portraits against a blank canvas one of these days. But like I said, I wanted this certain one to be different…I continued to search high and low for anything that would bring me some sort of concept but nothing ever had me fully satisfied. Sometimes when you overthink things you end up losing sight of what you wanted in the first place. I went from wanting a badass shoot to almost settling on floating along the river in a canoe lol

Finally it hit me! I realized there was absolutely no need to look anywhere for ideas. I was my own damn idea. I said to myself:

“All I have to do is create an image that represents my everyday life.

So that became the inspiration.

What is my everyday life? Or any full time mom’s? Let’s just say we are all losing our shit, but doing our best to hold that shit from falling apart lol

We often don’t realize how much a mother sacrifices. Our entire purpose becomes our child/children. All of a sudden we go from prioritizing ourselves to a little human. For me this wasn’t an easy transition. Like, I love myself…okay that sounded very vain lol but point is, most of us walk to the beat of our own drum until some major life changes occur that force us to become “second.” I don’t even remember what it feels like to wake up and have the freedom to do whatever I wanted, when I wanted. Now whether I want to or not things need to get done. Being a parent is a job that you can’t “call out from.” My kid doesn’t care if I’m exhausted, in pain or don’t feel good. She still needs to be fed, and taken care of. Oh and duh, I’m also a wife! Can’t neglect the husband either, he honestly requires more attention than Luna sometimes haha. AND on top of all the motherly/wifey duties, lets not forget my body is also creating another masterpiece. Been a bit hectic around here to say the least.

Women are beasts! Give any man these types of responsibilities and he’d crumble to pieces!

So back to my photoshoot…I needed to portray an image that shows our strength and power as wives and mothers. The incredible supernatural ability we have to hold it all together no matter what’s going on around us.

At first I wanted a tiger for this shoot. I thought it would look really chic and classy to be propped up against a black backdrop. All of us dressed in black with a huge white tiger laying next to us. Come to find out the tiger is one of the few animals who has some sort of dangerous instinct towards pregnant women and children. That disappointment worked out great because it brought me to my next idea. I didn’t care much about the tiger anymore….we’ve all seen them being used in music videos, movies and photoshoots but an alligator?! Now thats something that hasn’t been done before.

It all came together.

Us. Florida. Tropical. Greenery. Exotic. Out of the Ordinary. 

When I brought this whole thing up to Michael he briefly gave me a blank stare not saying anything. I mean, I’m constantly doing things that make him go what the f*ck?…..🙄 BUT this one definitely took the “what the f*ck” to “I MARRIED A CRAZY PERSON!” LOL. Obviously he was worried about everyones safety especially Luna’s and our unborn child, but his safety is at a higher risk if he dare says no to me lol

One may view this photo and think “wow that’s badass” but the true meaning lies within the details behind it. 

Me sitting on a throne in a beautiful dress with an overly exaggerated crown on my head. Looking very well put together sending the message “I can do it all and still look like a queen.”

Holding the alligator on a leash looking like a casual family pet. It was a symbol of showing there is no boundaries to what can’t be tamed in my life. 

My husband standing next to me in a suit. Looking a little “undone” sending the message “men don’t have the same control as us women.”

The scenery behind us is where our family is planted. Slowly growing and building memories.

I do hate how some people viewed this image as “animal abuse.” I said it before, and I’ll say it again…this Alligator was never beaten nor drugged to cooperate. He’s living his best life, belly full, free to roam around in a beautiful and safe environment. There is absolutely no harm that can come his way. If you ask me all gators would love to have his type of freedom.

Besides the Alligator, I also wanted to capture some beautiful Mother-Daughter photos as our time together is closely coming to an end 😌 The Secret Gardens location offered all sorts of different props including a swing wrapped entirely with flowers that completely took my breath away. I asked my mom if her and my grandma can make matching outfits for Luna and I to complete this fairytale look, and what they created left me in awe. Everything I ever wanted + more.

She loves trying to push my belly button in lol.

None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for a team of talented people who helped put it together.

BIG Thank you to Adam Opris who worked quickly around an Alligator and toddler. Both who’s behavior changes in a blink of an eye lol

Thank you to Kate Blake for applying the perfect amount of makeup that looked great for BOTH shoots! I told her I wanted a smoky and super contoured look for the Alligator shot but very soft and elegant for the fairytale one. How she was able to do one look that matched both descriptions is beyond me lol

Thank you The Secret Gardens Miami for providing such a beautiful location!

Thank you to our Alligator friends who made the entire situation comfortable and safe.

AND A BIG BIG THANK YOU to Wally who didn’t have us for dinner 😂

See you later Alligator!!!! 









  1. Love this! Absolutely amazing. The badass alligator shoot is incredible.. and perfect to finish off with the dreamy fairytale photos. You couldn’t have planned it any better. And not to mention how beautiful you look in the photos. Keep going at it momma. You are perfect!

  2. This is amazing! I was just blown away by all of it! You truly are an artist for the ideas you come up with and how well its executed! All of the pictures you post gives me inspiration. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Loved your photo shoot! You are a bad ass! Ignore the negative people, they are just miserable and jealous! Can’t please everyone! ❤️

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