I told my mom I wanted to keep Luna’s 2nd birthday simple, but knowing her I should have known better lol Let’s just say once you ask her to get involved that means you’ve unwillingly signed up to play a game of “Simon Says” or should I say “Olga Says” lol

Olga say’s “go back to Party City.” I go.

Olga say’s “You can’t go to sleep until the center piece is done.” So I sit there late hours into the night getting it done lol

Olga say’s “we need to cut Minnie Mouse out even if that means it’s slightly dangerous with how thick the board is.” Well, thats a risk we gotta take.

Olga say’s “the color of the paint isn’t the right kind of red. Go back to JoAnn (which is 45 min away) to get a new one.

There is literally no stopping her! In fact, if we had enough hand’s the entire place would look like Walt Disney himself was behind all of it.

I’ve learned not to underestimate what her imagination is capable of. Also it’s one thing to have these “ideas,” but it’s another to actually have the skills, dedication, and patience to bring them to life. I’m still so fascinated by how talented she is when it comes to decorating. 

For some strange reason my husband thought he was the balloon expert, and said we can save a lot more $$ with blowing them up ourselves. I on the other hand knew that ordering them would actually save us TONS of time, and money! Men will be men, they think they are right so I said “fine you’ll be in charge of the balloons since you know what you’re doing.” Well, 9 helium tanks later, tired eyes, sore fingers, and no more air in his lungs his last words were “YOU WERE RIGHT.” =D My amazing mother in law was the one who ended up completing the finished look.

Thank you TO OUR BIBI!!!!!

PARTY TIP: If you do plan on buying those helium tanks just be aware that they don’t blow up 50-70 balloons like the box says. We got about 25-30 per tank. And had to blow up almost 400. Now you can imagine how long that took lol…

haha that little smirk like “Yeahhhh its my bday!! I can do what I want to!”

Look at that beautiful Tutu my mom made her!!!

And this huge photo op!

Toddler Bday Party Tip: ALWAYS have chalk handy!!! The kids love it!

“Let me take a picture of you Minnie!”

Party Tip: Adding a SH*T ton of balloons to any party always makes the place look more festive. Seriously, if you’re going to spend money do it on balloons 🎈

Note to my mother:

Hi Mommy! I wanted to say thank you once again for being the brains behind Luna’s beautiful party. I know you could have spent your time doing much more relaxing things like enjoying the beach, but instead you were sitting in a room creating magic. I don’t know how you do it, but please don’t ever stop haha I will need you not only for Luna’s parties, but now your grandsons. Maybe you should take advantage of this opportunity, and start charging me =)

PS. Can I also add in a BIG thank you for putting up with my ass. I know I can be very demanding, and difficult ESPECIALLY when it comes to photos. “Mom lower!! Mom higher! Mom Mom MOOOOM!!!!!” I promise I’m still your sweet little girl. Just blame my hormones for this behavior haha


For everyone who attended Luna’s party, THANK YOU!!! Most of you are parents who know how amazing it feels to see your child soooo happy when everyone is there for them!



  1. It looked like such a Magical 2nd Birthday ! When she gets older she will be so thankful for all the efforts you guys put out for her.. you’re all so lucky to have such an amazing team on your side !! ❤️

  2. Omg such a cute party theme! I told my husband we’re not going overboard for my son’s second birthday party… but here I am, making a life sized train out of cardboard boxes 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 the things we do to see our kids smile! Good work Mama! It’s not easy doing this AND being pregnant!

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