Well, well, well…the story that everyone wants to know:

“How Michael and I met.”

It was a beautiful sunny September day, the birds chirping not a cloud in the sky…Okay, thats cheesy, let me stop right there. I’ve been reading way too many children books. They usually paint a picture like that to begin a story. Anyway, theres this thing in Miami that happens every year called “Regatta” where all the slutty people get together on boats, and yachts to celebrate, well, I don’t exactly know what they are celebrating, but its a good time in the middle of the ocean…A friend of mine called me up, and said a group of guys that she knows are taking a yacht out for Regatta, and that we should go with our girlfriends. I honestly didn’t want to go because the first thing that came to my mind was “I need to wear a sexy bikini.” You’re probably thinking “Wtf Liana is half naked most of the time so whats the big deal?” But at the time I had the most disgusting rash on my butt. No joke, it looked like an STD or something. (It wasn’t.) I really wanted to save myself the embarrassment, but for some unkown reason I still ended up going. I want to say God was setting that up in order for Michael, and I to meet, however I don’t feel right saying that because God definitely would not approve of the things that were going to happen that day on the boat lol… So lets just say it was “fate.” I put on a pair of some black shorts to hide my rash, met up with my girls, and off we went. Everyone introduced themselves to everyone. So weird to think that one of my “hello’s” was to my future husband. The shots started coming, music blasting, all the girls dancing, tops flying, the party had officially begun. I remember I was taking selfies and Mike comes up to me saying “hey no photos on the boat. Everyone put their phones away.” EXCUSEEEEE ME?! Did this guy really just tell me no phones, and photos?! Little did we both know that in a few months he would end up being my professional photographer, and model LOL! I totally ignored him, and continued with my photos. And yes, from that moment, I disliked him. So for those who think it was love at first sight, it was FAR FROM IT. There was also a few girls that kept telling me Mike had a girlfriend, and that I needed to stay away. To clear the air, I’m not that type of girl that get’s some sick pleasure over trying to get a guy who has a serious girlfriend, and second of all, the last thing I was looking for was to start a relationship with anyone… Anyway, that entire day was a little bit of blur, okay that’s a lie, it was a BIG BLUR! There was tons, and tons of drinking. At one point my friend, and I somehow ended up on another boat trying to “borrow some tequila” because we ran out lol! By the time we brought that tequila back it was mixed with ocean water. The day flew by, and it was time to head back. I remember we all laid out on the front of the boat some falling asleep, same drunk talking, some counting the stars, but in that moment I remember everything felt so good. Looking at the Miami skyline, feeling the breeze, listening to good music and surrounded by people who made that day so memorable. We continued to party at the W Hotel. Ordered a shit load of room service (which btw the chicken wings at the W are BOMB!) Michael, and I even shared a romantic bath together. Haha totally random. If it makes it sound any better I was in my bathing suit. As him, and I were in the bath chit chatting, Jackie and Taylor (two of my really good friends) sat on the bathroom floor right next to us chiming into the conversation. That’s how you know this bath situation was innocent =)  (Mom if you’re reading this…I’m sorry your daughter got into a bathtub with a stranger, but its okay because he is my husband now!)  We basically stayed up all night till the sun came up. I didn’t know this at the time, but Mike actually took a secret photo of me in his room, and texted his friends saying he slept with me. Ugh that’s guys for you. Always trying to show off in front of their friends lol  To be VERY clear, Michael, and I ONLY shared a bath together, NOTHING ELSE! (Mostly because I was told he had a girlfriend, but also because I like to have my men work for it.) We all parted our ways, and I went home with a smile on my face knowing that day would go down in history. It was one of those memories you keep locked away in a box, and open back up when you’re 80 years old to reminisce on how cool your young years were. Well, it didn’t end that way…


About a week or two later Mike starts texting me. Viciously. I’m thinking um what happened to keeping that day locked away??!! We all did very shameful activities that day, and last thing I wanted to do was see someone from that boat!  He kept asking me to go out with him, and I kept telling him no because he has a gf. He reassured me he didn’t. Anyway, Michael was sooooooooo persistent!!! That’s something that really stood out to me. I mean, after being turned down that many times, and to continue asking flattered me a little. This guy wanted to take me out so bad! At the time I was just so focused on working, and enjoying my freedom. After all I was a 22 year old girl who just moved to Miami, and had her dream job as a bottle waitress. Than one day I didn’t have much to do, I was hungry, and wanted to go out….so I figured how about I take Mike up on his offer.” He rushed over!!! lol didn’t even take him half a second to answer “on my way.” We went out to ZUMA which is my favorite place in the entire world. I remember ordering a lobster dish that didn’t come out the way I thought it would so I was about to send it back, but Michael said “just put it aside and re-order whatever you want.”  I thought to myself  “wow he sure knows how to get into a woman’s heart…through her stomach.” hahaha Now, Michael and I usually agree on a lot, but this next part I’m about to share is something we will never agree on. During dinner we ordered some drinks, and Michael had one too many…I always say it was because he was so nervous to be around me, and he says its because I put something in his drink. My story sounds more realistic don’t you think? =) We headed back to his hotel, and he tells me to order a bottle of Dom, and pick a movie to watch. I dialed room service, had them bring up the bottle, and picked a movie on demand. The movie was called “If I Stay.” I will always remember that stupid title because its been drilled in my brain after all the times I’ve had to say it. You’re probably confused at this point so let me break it down.

Michael “Liana can you pick a movie”

Me “I did.”

Michael “what is it?”

Me “If I stay.”

Michael “Yes I want you to stay.”

Me “NO!! The movie is called IF I STAY.”

Michael “Okay put a movie on.”

Me “ITS ON!!!!!”

Michael “what is it?”

Me “If I Stay.”

Michael “Yes I want you to stay.”

Me “Im not going anywhere. I am staying here.”

Michael “Okay good, so can you pick a movie?”


This went on back and forth for a good 30 minutes.

After my patience ran out I grabbed the remote with frustration, and threw it. Something happened, and the TV turned off….I called concierge to have someone come up, and fix it. When their maintenance guy arrived Michael flipped out!!! He starts screaming “DID YOU REALLY JUST INVITE A GUY OVER TO MY HOTEL ROOM!?” I kept telling him the guy was there to fix the TV. Than he asks me “Wheres the bottle of Dom?” I point to an empty bottle, and he asks me to pour him a glass. I told him its empty, and he insisted on me pouring it anyway…literally the movement of me pouring it made him feel better (even though nothing was coming out.) I think I just put sprite in his glass, and he didn’t even notice. I was so overly annoyed, and at that point I just wanted to go home…I walked over to the door ready to leave, and he runs after me. I somehow managed to just lock myself in another room that was in the suite, and he totally thought I left so he ran out into the hotel hallway (in his boxers) yelling “Liana come back!” And I’m just sitting quietly in the other room thinking omg what did I get myself into. Of course he forgot the room key and I heard him trying to get in muttering to himself “damn I locked myself out! Is this even the right room?” After letting him suffer a little I opened the door. His face looked like he saw a ghost, he actually probably thought I was a ghost because he didn’t think I was still there. Eventually he passed out. The next day I left, and said to myself NEVER AGAIN.

Our Second Date

When I left early the next day I told him he needs to lose my number because the night before got a little too much for me to handle. Of course his excuse was “he didn’t remember anything.” It took us about a month to go on a second date. You would think why the hell did I agree to go on another date?! Well, part of it was because he said he had court side seats for a Miami Heat Basketball Game. Now I don’t know shit about sports, but I do know court side seats are where its at! The other part was because I felt something towards him…didn’t know what it was yet, and wanted to explore it. So hellooooo back into my life he came. That basketball date went amazing! It still wasn’t “love,” but the fireworks have slowly started 😉


Some photos on the yacht. (Notice Mike on the right with his butt out? Yeah I wonder why he’s hiding his face…?) 

I obviously didn’t get any photos of our first date but heres one from our second date at the Miami Heat Game. Lets all say “awwwwww…” 

I would love to hear from you guys and what you thought about this post! After all those beautiful loving Instagram photos/videos you finally got to read our real story and how it all started. Was it what you guys expected? Will you now give a guy a second chance even though he blew it the first time? Comment Below!

Much Love!!! XOXO  


  1. Y’all are seriously so adorable and I love that he was on his best behavior for the second date.. Y’all both are determined people who go after what they want.. he wanted you and didn’t let anything stop him!! You wanted your dream job and didn’t let anything get in the way!! Your daughter will be amazing and just as determined as the both of you! Truly enjoy reading your blogs! They are fun and make me smile!

  2. Definitely not what I expected on how you two would have met. It sure is one for the books and memories to remember and when you look back and just get a good laugh. Reading how persistent he was reminds me of my fiancé. He totally blew it the first shot as well and wouldn’t leave me alone for a second shot and I’m glad I did cause we now have a baby boy and getting married next year as well… The person you least expect you end up with. Crazy huh! P.S you and Michael are such goals.

  3. Omg 😂 I knew it would be a great but I didn’t think it would be THAT great! I think it’s safe to say, we’re all glad you gave Michael a second chance! I’m glad you two can still have fun times with friends but still be responsible parents. I know it takes a lot of work and you two are absolutely killing it together 💕 You obviously know how to see past the bad times and that’s really what it comes down to. God works in mysterious ways, you are both blessed 💋

  4. Hahaha your first date is like in the movies. The way you wrote it, I can picture everything in my head. That’s awesome you gave Michael a second chance, I probably would have not. Keep up with your blog. I like reading your stories!

  5. I loved this post!!!! 😂 Could you write a post on self confidence and how to not give af about other people’s opinions?! I want some suggestions from people who are super confident like you are!

  6. Hahahahahah😀! Your first date was hilarious. But it was in his best behavior on second date😍! That’s good. Please continue it. Want more how did relationship goes on, how you said yes to mike. Really loved the post it was like i am reading a story and i don’t want it to end.
    Love from India❤ xoxo 💟

  7. Not what I expected at all! Lol…
    Your story could be a movie or something…I really enjoyed reading it…
    Ily girl

  8. Your blogs are amazing I like how you include details! The “if I stay” conversation had me cracking up, can’t wait to read more blogs (=

  9. Aww, sounds kind of like mine…except without the yahcts, expensive restaurants, and court side seats…but he did get a little too wasted and we did watch a heat game but on t.v. lol! He got another chance because I had known him and had a kind of crush for a couple years (and he had one on me) but he had some growing up to do before I gave him a shot 😉. Loved hearing your story though (and on a side note, I worked at the marina right across from his dad’s house and we stored their boat and jet skis, and Mike was always the nicest guy when he came over)

  10. Saying “AWWWWWW” …it’s really for sure The Love has its own way & you two are meant to be❤👫❤😘 you gave the Second Chance & Michael never gives up on you!! It’s so touched❤
    Thank You Sweetest for sharing this Dearest Queen Wifey & Mommy Liana!!!!!!😍😘 Live Happily Ever After❤👪❤ btw Congratulations on The Winner of your 1st Giveaway!🙌

  11. Knew how you 2 met but loved the details and date stories!! I think you need to write a book… like Bergdorf Blondes or Dubutante Divorcée!!! The part about Michael demanding the empty Dom b poured was hilarious& reminded me of my husband!! Keep up the great writing 😘
    Ps Zuma is amazing 🎎

  12. What happened after that?
    How did you guys fall in love?
    When was the moment when you realised that he is the one?

  13. Remember you used to dye your hair black with Mariya Simonova?
    You have two best friends
    Ukrainian lilly and Russian Mariya
    I hope Luna Learns russian
    Also do u speak Ukrainian
    I want to have a chance at the next single ladies giveaway

  14. Liana, this is amazing I love this story i was actually wanting to know how u two met. This is exactly how i would want my stories to be passed on years down the road. Except my husband now had a girlfriend, txted me everyday and u know what i gave him a chance. we are 11 years strong togerther. i dont regret a thing. and what ever BP is talking shit well…. lawsuites arrest etc… who cares it happens to all when you have a business/ being wealthy enough.

  15. get off her blog, no body needs ur negative energy. u wish u had her life thats why u keep up with it so much to know this #keepingupwithlianaandmike

  16. Lol the “I don’t remember what happened “ dates are the best ! Not all love stories start with the lovey dovey crap , mine sure didn’t 👏🏻

  17. Was not expecting this at all!! I love love love your honesty! This is the first blog of yours I read, anxious to read more you have written. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed this and laughed so much. You’re awesome!

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