And just like that…I’ve approached the end of my second pregnancy. I’m about to be a mother of two in a few hours!!! Yes that means I’m currently typing this as I lay in my delivery room with cervidil up my hoo-ha. Call me crazy right? This should probably be the last thing I need to be doing while my body prepares for labor but hey I call this multitasking at it’s finest.

You know you always hear people say have a “birth plan..” But lets be real, does anyones plan EVER go accordingly? In fact, birth related or not, I don’t remember ever having a successful outcome of something I “planned.” I would have loved nothing more than to have my baby boy make his way into this world on his own time, but unfortunately I got diagnosed with Cholestasis which resulted to having this induction. Getting that phone call from my doctor saying I had this condition completely caught me off guard. First off, I had no idea what it was, and secondly as soon as I heard it’s associated with still birth I thought I was going to pass out. Being told there’s this type of risk to your unborn child is not something any mother wants to hear.


 I want those of you who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant to be aware of the symptoms and make sure you don’t ignore them (like I almost did)

ITCHING was the main one for me. However, the itching was NEVER severe. It was actually just my belly, back and thighs, which didn’t seem abnormal. I figured it was due to my skin stretching. It wasn’t until I was around 37 weeks when I finally mentioned it to my doctor and she suggested we do some blood work. Surely enough I was positive for Cholestasis. Never would I think itching could be related to something so dangerous. Thankfully my levels were low and that’s why an emergency delivery wasn’t required. Apparently if you get diagnosed with this condition early in your pregnancy they won’t let you go past 36 weeks. Since I was already at 37 1/2 they let me wait till 39 but had me come in for NST’s every 2-3 days to monitor babies heartbeat.

What happens with Cholestasis is the liver doesn’t properly filter out the bile acids which ends up building up and potentially causes harm to the baby.

EXHAUSTION was also another symptom I experienced. But again, that seemed totally normal considering I’m a full time toddler mom. Although even after getting a good night sleep I still lacked energy & felt extremely lethargic. Gosh I really do love that word “Lethargic…” just rolls off the tongue.


All I have to say is ladies listen to your instincts! If something feels off it probably is. I know we all wanna be superheroes but it doesn’t hurt to bring everything up at your appointments!

My 9 month journey

I asked a “would you rather be pregnant or give birth” question on my IG and it was interesting to hear all your responses! This one got me thinking because I can’t confidently pick one! I personally love being pregnant. I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful and magical. But then again I know it doesn’t feel like that to everybody. Luckily my pregnancies have been really easy. (Luna’s more than Tristan’s) but overall I think I may just be the perfect candidate for creating babies lol

Side Story: Growing up I was always very skinny, my diet wasn’t the best, and poisoned my body during my party days so I never felt like I’d be able to handle a healthy pregnancy…fast forward to today and I realized we are capable of more than we think! Don’t every doubt yourselves!

How I found out I was pregnant: I ate an entire bag of popcorn which was weird because I don’t like popcorn enough to eat an entire bag. I made a joke to Mike like “what if this is a pregnancy craving?” Peed on a stick that night and surely enough “pregnant.” I was already 6 weeks. The exact same time when I found out I was pregnant with Luna.

Was it planned? No. We knew we wanted more children but the timing wasn’t ideal for us. But God gives you what you need when you need it so I trusted His plan even though it wasn’t ours at the time.

How I told my parents: I found out I was pregnant in October and didn’t tell them until Christmas! Keeping this secret especially from my mom was SOOOO HARD! Can’t believe it never slipped lol

🍴 My Diet: 

Figuring out what to eat my entire pregnancy was actually super annoying. I was ALWAYS hungry but nothing EVER satisfied was so frustrating. Kinda like when you have a sneeze and it disappears lol

I did crave fruits though. Especially watermelon and oranges 🍊🍉

❄️ I chewed on ice like a mad woman. I actually made one of the girls at the nail salon go grab me ice because I needed it that bad while getting a pedicure lol BTW if you have this craving it may be a sign of having low iron. (Which is why I ended up having a blood transfusion after I delivered Tristan.) 

Im going to be completely honest… I wasn’t too strict with what I ate this time around. For example, we all know raw fish is a no no while pregnant but I allowed myself a tuna roll a couple times a month. I remember I had some champagne on New Years…and totally gross but guilty of eating raw pizza dough (just a few pieces here and there) lol

🍔 I am not saying having an easy going diet is “okay.” In fact when I was pregnant with Luna I was SO PARANOID with what I ate. Literally followed everything by the book. But it’s true what they say, with your second pregnancy you’re just much more relaxed. Do what feels “right” to you. Don’t deprive yourself from a cold cut turkey sandwich because the pregnant lady next to you says its wrong.

Body Changes: 🤰🏼

With Luna I went from 98lbs to 149lbs. Total Gained: 51lbs

With Tristan I went from 108lbs to 136lbs. Total Gained: 28lbs

Beauty products I used:

Kapuluan Coconut Oil

This is by far is my favorite product to moisturize my entire body with. Literally from head to toe. I’m NOT saying it will prevent you from getting stretch marks 100% but if your skin is stretching (the way it does when you’re pregnant) then I can imagine being oiled up helps it from breaking, cracking and tearing…Many of those “stretch mark” creams are marketing schemes. I highly suggest giving coconut oil a try.

If you decide to try a product specifically made for stretch marks than I recommend this one as I also used it during my pregnancy but not often…

Scrubee from LUSH

This was UH-MAZING!!! (Thank you to the girl on IG who pointed this product out to me) this buffed my belly smooth! It’s an exfoliating bar that I’m going to use for as long as they carry it. Just trust me on this one and go buy yourself one or two…or 10.

Turmeric Brightening Polish (buy at Sephora)

I use this scrub as needed on my face and body…its VERY rough and gritty so not something that should be used everyday.

Dove Exfoliating Body Polish 

This can be used everyday. It still gives you that scrub you need, but a little more gentle than the one above.


As far as clothes I never really shopped at maternity stores during either one of my pregnancies…except for those jeans with the waistband that goes over your belly. For the most part I just bought bigger sizes in stuff that I liked.

These aren’t just Granny Panties, these are like my Granny’s Granny panties haha I loved them so much!

The nice thing about being pregnant in Florida is you don’t need much clothes. I was basically in a t-shirt dress or bathing suit most of the time.

♦ Worst part about my pregnancy: 

Not having enough energy for Luna

I kind of spoke about this on my IG, but you really can’t explain the emotions behind it.  Again, I wasn’t ready to have another baby. Luna was my priority. We had our own little routine everyday. I completely had everything under control and it’s been her and I, side by side for the past 2 1/2 years. So finding out I was pregnant threw me off my tracks. The more pregnant I got the more harder it was for me to do things with her. And maybe I let my emotions get the best of me but I began feeling helpless, overwhelmed and stressed. Trying to juggle between spending every second with her but also giving my body the rest it needed. It broke my heart because I realized it would never be the same.

That’s what inspired me to make the Memoir Video. To remember our time when it was just the two of us:

♦ Best part about my pregnancy 

The photos! lol like I said before I enjoy being pregnant and find the woman’s body incredible! Especially when carrying a child. This MAY be my last time being pregnant so I wanted to make sure I took plenty of photos incase I never experience this magic again.


That sums up my 9 month journey with Baby Boy

I’m ready to meet you son 💙




  1. Love this! Love your real ness, your honesty, the good and the bad. You are such a beautiful soul with a beautiful heart. That is why i continue to follow you. You are an amazing mama!

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