Well wasn’t that an unexpected surprise!? lol for you guys, and us! Michael and I always knew we’d want more kids, and the idea of having a big family sounded nice. Until we had one, and realized how much sweat, blood, and tears went into parenting haha.

So the big question is: Were we really trying to have another baby right now at this very moment? No, not really. We never officially said “okay lets try for another one!” But clearly we weren’t totally against it either because no protection was being used while doing the nasty…obviously the chances of us getting pregnant was very high. Not sure why it was such a surprise when we found out I was expecting. That’s usually how babies are made 😂

Writing this post is a going to be a bit hard, because I want to be very blunt, and open about my feelings. If you are going to judge me based off of my honesty then I’d prefer you to not continue reading…

The day we found out:

October 23, 2018 – Peaceful quite night, nothing out of the ordinary expect for me eating an entire bag of popcorn to myself while watching a movie. Mind you, I don’t like popcorn at all! The fact that I ate the whole bag, and actually enjoyed it was odd. I jokingly said to Mike “watch me be pregnant.” He turns to me, and says “well go take the test.” I entertained the idea for the hell of it, but in my mind I knew there was absolutely no way I’d be pregnant.

Stick one: big bold letters – PREGNANT.

Frantically I force myself to pee on another one. Once again – pregnant.

I quickly grab the box to make sure it’s not an expired package…nope clearly not expired.

Mike, and I looking at each other speechless. Neither one of us could find the right words. The only thing breaking our silence was the sound of our racing hearts. This fog just came over me. My entire body went limp, and I collapsed on the floor. Hands covering my face from letting Mike see my tears. He kneeled beside me, wrapped his arms around me, and said “it’s going to be okay just like it was the first time.”

Déjà Vu all over again.

It make’s me a little sad to admit that both pregnancies brought me to tears instead of immediate joy, and happiness. The only difference were the emotions attached behind those tears. With Luna it was a complete shock, and I was a bit angry. We were a newly engaged couple. To be honest I was selfish. I was nowhere near ready to be a mom. I was partying, traveling and enjoying time with my man. We were living life on edge, exploring the world, and falling in love with one another. The thought of having a family didn’t even cross my mind until after marriage. Needless to say that news completely turned our life around.

Fast forward to today. We are both obsessed with the little girl who made us parents. Everything is about her, and we wouldn’t have it any other way….That explains my reaction for baby number 2. Just like with Luna I was shocked, but instead of being angry, I felt guilty. Uncontrollable tears kept rolling down my face from all the thoughts bouncing around in my head. The one that really broke me down was knowing it would no longer be just about Luna. How can I love another child the way I love her? I just can’t wrap my mind around her not being MY ONLY ONE. Right now she is my entire world. Every single day this little girl has my full attention. All my kisses, all my hugs, my whole heart, and soul is invested into her. After all, she deserves the very best for making me feel complete. For giving me a purpose, and slowly molding me into the woman I always knew I wanted to be. I wouldn’t have gotten here without her. It was her. It was all because of her. I would do anything for this little angel for the way she changed my life. Her smile, and happiness is all I strive for….and then it hit me.

Giving her a sibling would be a beautiful thing… it would be the greatest gift that I could give her. 

Mommas: How did it feel being pregnant with baby number 2? Did you feel any sort of guilt that you’ll somehow be neglecting your first child? Did you have similar thought’s that I just shared? 

For a while my mind was playing cruel games on me…telling me everything is ruined.

Negative thoughts consumed me for weeks.

Luna will start acting out because she’ll notice her mommy, and daddy paying attention to someone else.

Our life is going to get 10x harder juggling two kids, with no family around.

Luna just started sleeping through the night, her naps are 2-3 hours long, she’s going to be out of diapers soon, and no more bottle. For a mom these are huge milestones! Someday’s felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Coming to this point is like being able to breath for the first time in a long time. Now I’m being dragged back to where I was 2 years ago… sleepless nights, frustrating days, and more diaper explosives…(not to mention if it’s a boy I’ll be getting sprayed with piss.)

Even though Luna is an easy child we still have our fair share of difficult days where I feel like everything is falling apart. I collect every ounce of strength that I have to get through those bad days, but how the hell am I going to keep it together when two of my children are giving me a hard time!?!?

Luna just started daycare. She’s going twice a week for a few hours. Which meant I got a little bit of my freedom back. Well, that just went out the window lol

Sharing my husband with another human!!! I know, I know this is the selfish side of me talking again, but I crave attention! Ever since we had Luna our priorities changed. We have different responsibilities, and as parents it’s our duty to put our daughter first. So the more kids that get thrown into the mix means less time for Liana 😌

Sharing my husband is one person, but now I have to share Luna too!? If it’s another girl will they like become best friends, and leave me out?!?! Because mom won’t be cool enough for the young generation anymore =(

I really wanted to take this year, and focus on my new business. (The mommy and me clothing line.) Being a wife, and a stay at home mom puts you on a repetitive daily schedule. Some days are exciting, and others are boring. I found myself thinking there must be something else I can do to contribute to the family. Even though I truly appreciate my husband for going to work, and giving me the opportunity to stay at home, I still wish some days I was the one leaving the house, and he stayed for the chores, and kid lol

For about 2 weeks I refused to go to the obgyn to confirm the pregnancy. It’s almost like I wanted to pretend like I wasn’t, but my conscience was eating away at me. I knew I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I went in, and surely enough there was the little nugget. 6 weeks in. Which means I detected I was pregnant when I was only 2 weeks! I didn’t even know those at home tests worked that fast! During my ultrasound I was silent. The lady was talking, congratulating me, but I zoned her out. I just kept looking at the screen not being able to express any emotion because at that moment I can’t really say I knew what I was feeling. I told her I didn’t want to hear the heartbeat until my husband was there so I left the office feeling nothing…just the ultrasound photos in my hand to confirm baby number 2 is on the way.

The day my heart opened up

A couple weeks later I stepped back into the office this time with Michael and Luna by my side. All 3 of us heard the heartbeat, and that’s when I felt a rush of heat go through my entire body. It’s like hearing this babies tiny little heartbeat defrosted my cold bitter feelings. I think why the sudden change happened was a combination of hearing that life beating inside of me, and also having my family there. Seeing Luna’s big beautiful eyes curiously looking at what the doctor was doing, listening to the sound coming from mommy’s belly, and my husband standing there with the same euphoric look that he had when we heard Luna’s heartbeat for the first time….It just all pieced together right then, and there.


I am 13 weeks into my pregnancy. I’m starting to slowly build that bond, but it’s definitely taking me a little longer then it did with Luna. I just really want to enjoy this wonderful journey because I know how quickly it goes by. After all I’m already in my second trimester! Due date is set for 7-8-19. Which I really hope the baby comes on that day… sounds cool, like 7, 8, 9? lol. Oh and get this…my doctor already knows the gender! However, Luna’s birthday is in February, and we plan on throwing a gender reveal party around that time because everyone will be in town. I’m hoping for a boy just to have one of each, but my symptoms are very similar to when I was carrying Luna so it makes me believe it’s another girl. Also I’m afraid if it’s not a boy Mike will continue getting me pregnant till we get one lol. They literally have all girls in their family, and no-one to take on the “DeGeorge” legacy lol talk about pressure right?

 I am super lucky because both my pregnancies have been fairly easy. I know I’m only 13 weeks into this one, but many women get sick in their first trimester which I never experienced. Except for the occasional nauseous feeling when it comes to certain foods. Other then that it’s been a breeze! That’s why Mike says my body is capable of giving birth to 10 more kids ~ haha

Again, the photos posted on Instagram are only showing one perspective. Here we are announcing this wonderful news to everybody, but nobody knew the true emotions behind it until now.

Once everything finally settled in I started thinking clearly again….I know having a baby is a HUGE blessing. The amount of couples who struggle with infertility is really sad. So for us to already have two without any difficulties is something I should be incredibly thankful for. So please don’t take this blog post as me being ungrateful or someone who never wanted children…it just never seemed like it was the “right time,” but God know’s exactly what you need, when you need it. Often times I forget to put my trust in Him.

With all that being said, I would like to once again thank every single one of you who congratulated us! I hope from here on out I can bring you along on this journey, and share everything.




  1. Wow, I just have one baby girl but reading how you felt about having another was incredible since I feel the same way only that my first pregnancy was so hard and I was so miserable I don’t want to be pregnant again. I’m so excited to see you being a mom of 2 since I’ve been following you for a while and I admire you specially for teaching Luna 2 languages at the same time. I send you the best wishes and blessings

  2. I love your honesty. And I know it’s going to be very hard and I truly hope no one will judge you by this post. And if anyone will, they’re not been honest with them selves. Because been a mom with multiple children is not easy! But at the end it will pay off! And the magical moments with your kids will earase the hard moments… and this will be the circle you’ll have to adapt too. Just like you wrote, don’t forget to Thank God for this blessing and keep on praying for this little miracle❤️

  3. Love this!!!! Probably explains most moms thoughts on baby #2. I’m pregnant with number two, they will be exactly 2 years apart (might even have the same birthday) but it has been awful trying to hold babies around him because he literally just cries and screams having to share us temporarily with a new baby. Watching that be so hard on my son leaves me so worried about what a permanent baby in the house will do to him! I’m super excited to have another newborn but at the same time I’m super sad for our first born. You’re not alone in your feelings! I just keep thinking to the day when they can finally play together and love each other and it makes it a little better lol

  4. Awww it’s so beautiful! Babies are definitely a blessing. My girl Mila is couple months younger than Luna and the thought of having a second baby makes me excited but terrified. She’s still so little and I want her to feel like she’s the center of our world for longer!!! I know once second baby will be born, she suddenly will become a grown up and not a baby 😭 you guys are doing a great job as parents and don’t worry, second baby will be so exciting!! Btw your due date is my husbands birthday 😂 and we have same story with no one to take on the Borodaev legacy. We’re hoping for a boy next as well. Anyway, Have a blessed pregnancy dear!!! 💓💓💓

  5. Congratulations ❤️❤️ I felt the same way with my first, although we were actively trying for a baby for 1 year. I felt shocked, sad and scared. I also began crying but it’s normal and of course my child is my biggest blessing. I wish you a healthy and easy pregnancy. Really excited for you.

  6. Congratulations mama! You are wonderful and truthful and that’s the best! We all have our doubts and demons to fight and it’s great to know that you are honest about it. Whomever to judge you is the one who hides and pretends. I’m in week 31 and still can’t believe the fact that we will have another baby… and the question “how can I love someone as much as my daughter bothers me as well”. Good luck with everything and congratulations to you and your hubby!

  7. This is spot on, ohh the things motherhood puts us through. The guilt is intense at times but push through because the love TWO sweet children brings is amazing. You think how in the world can I love another human as much as I love my baby and then the second one comes along and it’s amazing how your heart grows and there is just so. much. love!! Congratulations to you and your beautiful growing family! You are so so blessed

  8. I’m reading your thoughts and feeling (even the “sad” ones) and smiling so big. I had an insane amount of guilt- towards everything, about everything. What you named and more. But I’m smiling because now that they’re both here (5 and 23 months old) all that is completely gone and I giggle and roll my eyes that I ever worried. They say “you don’t split the love in half, your heart doubles in size” and that’s so true. You guys are such an amazing family, so great at balancing the fun and the responsibilities. I wish you well, and I know it’ll be amazing! 💖

  9. I loved reading this blog. Being honest about this subject can be hard but I feel like a lot of women could go through this but not everyone wants to talk about it. I have one daughter as well for now. I’m so happy you talked about this. I wish more women open up about what it’s like and what to expect with baby number 2 as well.

  10. I am so happy you opened up about this!! I felt the same way but had no one to open up to and felt so guilty for weeks! I am in my third trimester with our second baby and it’s also a girl which we are so excited about knowing our little girl will have a sister to play with. But, I wasn’t as excited in the first few weeks as I am now knowing I’ll get to hold a little baby again and love on them again (and yes it’s hard for the first few week with newborn) but I miss it! And super excited to do this again. I’m so happy for you and have been following you for a while. Hope your pregnancy goes great!! You got this!

  11. Congratulations! I couldn’t of explained how your feeling any better myself. I have a 15mo little girl and I’m due with two more TWIN girls in two weeks… I was put into a depression for like a month thing to grasp things. My husband was also let down knowing three is our max and we are done after this so he will never get a son. I felt guilty for feeling the way I did because I know how hard it is for people to even get pregnant. I still can’t imagine loving another child the way I love my daughter now. But I have came around and realized how lucky we are and everything happens for a reason!

  12. Hi Liana! The way you are feeling about your second baby is exactly the way I felt! I became pregnant with our second baby within weeks of stopping breast feeding of our first child at six months old. After all that we did just to become pregnant with our first child the second child just came out of nowhere. I missed my period and took a pregnancy test and was so upset but at the same time I was so excited. I didn’t know what to think because I was feeling so many emotions at the time. I also felt that our first child because we tried so hard to have her that she would feel neglected, left out, rebellious…everything…any and all of that came to my mind. I didn’t know what to think for that positive second pregnancy test and our first child’s feelings. There are nights that I cried with her next to me (our first child that is) thinking that she would not feel loved when our second baby would be born but let me tell you as soon as our second child was born our love as a whole family… that love grew even stronger, it was an amazing feeling and now seeing them grow together, play and be a part of each other‘s lives it’s just a huge different feeling from what you’re feeling now. It’s hard having more than one child, but you grow and learn all into it!! Our first two daughters are 13 months apart, I gave birth at the same hospital, same birthing room and the cuteness continues to grow with them!

    We recently had our third baby the day before your Luna was born at the same hospital… do we continue to grow or stay a family of five, we will let god decide😉 Sending you love and hugs!!!

  13. I am pregnant with baby #2 as well (due 7/16) with a boy. My baby girl is 15 months old so they will be 22 months apart. I feel the same as you… even though my husband and I started trying in October I hoped it wouldn’t happen so fast. After having a weird craving for flaming hot cheetos dipped in french onion I made my way to the bathroom with a test in hand and sure enough…. I was sad and cried most of that day. I didnt feel excited at all which then I felt guilty about and made my sadness even worse. I wanted a little more time with my baby girl but I know god does everything in his own timing and with purpose. In a weird way I think my baby girl knows I’m pregnant – she lifts my shirt and pokes at my belly… and I think she feels my worry because recently she started giving me the longest hugs which she never did before… just resting her head on my shoulder. It’s like her way of saying it’s going to be ok mommy. I see her playing with other kids and see how she lights up around them so I think this new addition will be good for our family.
    I dont know you but I can see the love and compassion you have for your family. You will have your good days and then the not so good but at the end of the day when the kids are tucked into bed, kick your feet up, have a glass of wine and know tomorrow is a new day.

  14. I had a 1 year old daughter at the time when I found out I was preggo with baby #2. I had missed my period and I didn’t want to take a test because I had a feeling it would show I was preggo, I didn’t for a good week, but that guilt haunted me so I eventually did. After it showed I was preggo I cried nonstop (no joke) I was upset, frustrated, thinking how will I do it with a toddler, an infant plus hygiene school on top of that. I told my husband as soon as I found out crying to him saying WHYYY. He looked at me and said, “hunny look at our Juliet (as she was sitting playing with blocks) look how much joy and happiness she brings us, it’s going to be the same with this one, it will be a blessing and I will do everything I can do help you out.” After hearing that I would try to look at all the positive things in the pregnancy and the baby!! Our little baby care earlier than expected and has been spending 2 months in NICU and with a virus. (I seen your husband had something to do with like the NICU section down where you live-that’s great! It’s very hard but even with this going on, I’m trying to find all the positive things in my life with him here! I wish you a healthy pregnancy and birth! Congrats again mamma!

  15. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this. I am sitting in the bathroom hiding from my son and my hubby balling my eyes out, we just found out that I am pregnant also very unexpected the only difference is that I was still breastfeeding my then still 17 month old at bed time(planning to stop at 18 mnths which he turned dec 3) and I was taking birth control. Right now we are struggling financially and I know this might be tmi and not something I share with other people but I just really feel like it is not the right time at all! All I have in my head is all this negative thoughts and feelings and so so much guilt with not only the baby but also my son and husband he already has so much on his plate and here I am adding a huge new addition.. but reading your blog made me realize it is a blessing and no matter what happens things will get better and God truly knows what is best for us even when we don’t know why things happen. Thank you.

  16. i feel you girl and i’m not even pregnant with baby #2 yet!! i always thought i would have my babies close together like my brother and i were, but my Milochka was such a hard baby, I am just starting to think about giving her a sibling. when i saw you post your announcement i was so happy for you! but then i felt guilty for my girl that she won’t have that close in age sibling since she turned 2 not to long ago. i finally feel like me and her are in a good place with each other and i always have my doubts and worries about “ruining” what we have going and all the stress that first year with a newborn brings. but still, i don’t think there is ever a perfect time! you’re never ready but you find the strength and power to do it. i am excited to follow you through this pregnancy since i started following you right after Luna was born. you are such a wonderful mama and hilarious! thanks for the chuckles and great content. congratulations and all the very best to you and your family!

  17. I had my second baby when my daughter was only 18 months. And the entire pregnancy I felt nothing. I wasn’t even attached to my baby, I didn’t even get sick !!i kept being told that this feeling will change when I hold him in my arms. But the entire time I was so just worried about my daughter I only wanted to love her! Anyways, when I had my baby boy I was happy I cried when they put him on my chest but the newborn stage at home was not fun. I couldn’t get myself to feel connected to him. I was super sad and scared thinking to myself I’ll never love this baby! The experience was nothing like the first time.(that could just be me though , I’m only being real) just now around 3-4 months he started to intteract and smile st me and giggle with his sister. I am over the moon in love ! I did not split my love between both my kids. My love simply grew even more for them ! I just had more to give. She is so in love with him and scared for him it is so beautiful to see. There were no signs of jealousy at all. And your baby will be sleeping a lot for two months! Luna will still have all your attention ❤️❤️Good luck

  18. I love this and i truly appreciate your honesty! I am going through the same exact thoughts as my husband and i consider baby #2. I just keep reminding myself how much of a blessing being able to carry a child is! Congratulations to you guys!

  19. I felt like you did- feeling you can’t love the 2nd child as much and so on so forth – well here I am 3 kids later and all I can say is….. when you have baby 2 – these thoughts won’t even cross your mind anymore. First – you won’t have time to think – lol 2nd- your heart quickly expands and suddenly you’re capable to love equally- no matter how many kids you end up having. So take it easy and enjoy your pregnancy guilt free 😘♥️ Because when baby comes – everything just sort of falls into place ! And by the way with 2 kids it’s managable lol and you can balance – it’s when you have the 3rd the whole balance is thrown off and more then 3- oh god – i don’t know how people handle that haha 🤣🤣🤣 3 and more – now that’s a lot of work!

  20. Lianna, I think it’s totally legitimate that you are feeling this way. Love the honesty (as someone said previously). You’re head is in the right place, as is your heart, so with that…everything will be okay. You will just have a bigger heart with more love to give the second baby. Another girl would be really great, as would a boy. But I’m partial to girls, as I have just one sister. Also, you’re post had me hysterically laughing when you said Michael won’t stop till he gets his boy. Men…Jesus lol.

    It will get easier once the kids are older. Good thing you’re young, you have the energy and vitality that is much better for raising little ones. I wish you all the best!!

  21. I love your honesty. Thanks for choosing to be open. I can totally relate to this in many ways. With my first, my reaction was the same as yours, she taught me to be a mom and better person. I grew so much. With my second, I wasnt excited for different reasons. I was so sick. Bed ridden sick, I had to crawl on the floor to make food and it got to the point where I had to have outside help because I was so severely ill and unable to care for my child. I felt awful. I never got excited. Not until my second baby girl was born, its cliche but I looked into her eyes and burst into tears. I loved her so much and all the pain, sickness and guilt were worth it. On day one I loved her just as much as the first. Now they are sisters, they love each other, make each other laugh to tears, fight, argue, and always want to be together. Sibling stuff. Your relationship with Luna will change, better yet it will evolve, but not just because of another baby. That’s how parenting goes, its heartbreaking and beautiful, happy and sad. You adore your brother right? That’s what you are gifting sweet Luna.

  22. I already commented this on your IG when you first announced this blog was happening – I totally felt the same way!!! The magic definitely started to appear when the visits with the dr was happening and I could see the baby moving, and my son did too. He’s the same age as Luna (born on 2/11/17!) 🙂

    Now, although I still feel the nerves or sadness from time to time – I am super joyful that my son gets to have a little one to call his best friend for the rest of his life. And it’s someone that was raised with the same love and ethics that he had right in his own home. I love having that with my brother and couldn’t imagine my life without him!

    I can’t wait to see your journey again this time! We’re 24 weeks now! … I hope you guys have a boy, too – for your sake if you’re not trying to keep pop them out till you get one LOL but you know our instincts are almost always on!! I am pregnant with a girl and I just KNEW it lol even thought I wanted another boy! Definitely excited though. 🙂

  23. Love how honest you are! I have one daughter who is a year and a half. I know I want to have more kids but deep down I feel guilty about the fact that someday she won’t have all my attention and she’ll have to share me with a sibling and I don’t want her to feel left out. Plus I feel like how can I love another baby as much as I love her. But I have heard from a lot of moms that your love just grows even more with a second one and they just fit right into the mix. I wish you best of luck on the rest of your pregnancy and congratulations! 😊

  24. Congratulations again! Babies are a blessing but sometimes it rocks us to the core when it happens least expectedly. I can not wait for my husband to get back from deployment so we can get pregnant with number two! But I also fear how our daughter (who will be two in July) will deal with not having all the attention. It’s me and her everyday all day and having to take care of another by myself scares meeee. Thanks again for your thoughts, I always enjoy your blog!

  25. First Congratulations second its a big blessing to have another baby but for me I love to have enough time between them .. my oldest son is 8 years and my girl is 4 it’s great for both of u this distance of period ..but the fact is that your preganat so just enjoy it❤ Luna and the baby will grow up together 5 years then you will enjoy life again don’t worry time flies 😄

  26. So happy for you and your growing family. Don’t stress about baby number 2! Will it be hard sometimes? Sure, but you got this! Us woman are freakin super hero’s! Never feel guilty for asking for help weather it’s from family, friends, nannies etc! You do what’s best for you and your family. May God bless this pregnancy, so it goes smoothly and the delivery is quick and easy! Can’t wait to find out who you are having! 🥰

  27. Thank you this Liana! The world needs to see all feelings about motherhood, not just the “acceptable” ones. All the best to you and the little family of four! 💫

  28. First, congratulations! I’m so excited for your little family! You have such a natural ability for writing and truly expressing your raw emotions through words, this blog post brought me to tears.

  29. Congratulations!! ♥️ – Our second baby is now 9 months old. All those feelings you are feeling is 100% normal and is exactly how I have felt. I didn’t actually really connect with my second baby during pregnancy, I just felt guilty. Guilty that maybe I haven’t spent enough time with my first born, guilty he wont have as much attention… all that stuff. The second I held my baby girl 9 months ago, that very moment I realized that loving 2 babies the exact same way is definitely possible. I truly love them EQUALLY they are my WORLD. They are 2.5 years apart, and it has been the most amazing journey yet. I love how they weren’t too close in ahe, so my son understood that babies are fragile, they need more attention and we never experienced any jealousy or maliciousness from him. Including Luna in everything you do for baby #3 is key, ask Luna to fetch the baby’s diaper, or clothes, or wipes, anything and she will be MORE than happy to help I’m positive. It makes evrrything so much more positive! Also, set aside some time, maybe once a week, an outing or activity just mommy and Luna to show her she’s still loved oh so very much.

    Everything will be PERFECTLY A-OK! 🥰♥️

    -G xo

  30. Congrats again 🙂 I also had feelings of guilt to the point of tears that I had my 2nd baby so soon after my first…and actually I still get those feelings here and there. I like to have little dates with just my son and I to make me feel better haha like I’m giving him some alone time and he has all my attention. You will love both kids just as much because your heart doesn’t divide love, it multiplies. With each kid I’ve noticed my heart growing bigger and shaping me into a better person! It is overwhelming with kids close in age, I wont sugarcoat that but you do learn little tricks to make things easier and you relax in areas you used to be uptight in so with each kid you become more flexible and stop caring as much about little things. You got this girl!!

  31. Congratulations on baby #2. Your post made me feel better about my feelings with baby #2. I’m due end of February and the fear of not being able to love my second child the same as my first is still with me. But I did it for my son! He will have a brother for the rest of his life to grow old with when we as parents will no longer be around!! I guess our hearts will expand and make room for baby #2 😂 ! Best wishes to you!!

  32. I’m so happy for you, and once your baby is here you will feel complete and so happy, like you said the best gift you can give your child is a sibling, my opinion is you should see it as more love coming into your life, for you, Mike and Luna. I related to those feelings when I got pregnant with my 3rd I only wanted 2 and was being preventive but once she was here I was like wow now I feel like I’m family is complete! I wish you the best of luck and I’m excited to watch your adventure! 💋

  33. I just found out I’m pregnant with baby number 2, and my first is only 15 months. I had the same feelings! I had (and still struggle with) this huge sense of guilt, like how in the world will I balance two little ones needs for attention?!? Feels good to know I’m not the only one going through it 💕

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