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Guys! It’s that time of month! Not that time of month,🩸but time for something I never imagined possible is just days away! Lately I’ve been asking myself “Whoo do I think I am?!” Believe me when I tell you, I’ve had some serious talks with myself. Doubt, fear, worry, and questions all hovered around me as I tried to get myself to the other side where the next chapter patiently awaits me.

It’s funny because when I first signed up for Instagram, it asked me to choose a username. I didn’t give it much thought. I quickly typed in the first thing that came to mind, “Lianawhoo,” and skipped over everything else just so I could hurry along and upload my thot photos. I mean, I really didn’t see Instagram being anything more than just a space to connect with hot people for empty purposes.

Fast forward 8 years, and I am now fulfilled by what initially began as “empty.” I’ve accumulated a powerful group of people who support me and I’ve been able to build a community that has inspired me to create a more intimate platform where I can genuinely be who you all helped me become.

You see, interestingly enough, I owe my personal growth to Instagram. It gave me the opportunity to grow from “username” to an empire where the walls are built from confidence, self love, beauty, inspiration, and strength. I’ve connected with the queens of queens—from self-made business owners to big corporate companies.

Moms from around the world extended their support and amazing advice when I became a mom. (I swear I feel like I wouldn’t have been able to get through some of those hard times if it weren’t for you.)

You have inspired me and motivated me. There’s no better way to show you how grateful I am than by giving all that knowledge and motivation back! I want to fill your life with the tools necessary to help you become successful in building yourself. I did it with YOUR help. Now please let ME help you get there as well.

The Evolution of Lianawhoo

“LianaWhoo” is attached to so much more than just photos on a tiny screen. Here is the whole evolution of “Lianawhoo,” beginning with that very first thot photo:

The “Miami Lianawhoo.”

The reckless, free-spirited 21-year-old girl who wanted the world (and every man in it) at her feet.

The “Girlfriend Lianawhoo.”

The girl who thought she was just on another date….not knowing that this relationship would change her life forever.

The “Engaged and Pregnant Lianawhoo”

The girl behind one viral video that changed everything and allowed Lianawhoo to officially be born.

Popularity came with a price. I had to learn how to navigate and filter through everything that didn’t align with my beliefs and didn’t bring me purpose. In this industry, there are positives, but those are mixed in with plenty of negatives.

Before I rose, I crumbled. I thought about deleting my account so many times. I found myself interacting with people who forced me to stoop down to their level. I hated that I couldn’t control my anger, my frustration, and my big, loud emotions.

While there were business deals that were amazing, many others left me disappointed. People promised certain things only to burn me in the end.

The business side of Lianawhoo has always been challenging. Although there were many ways to monetize my account, what I believed and stood for was always to be honest and not paycheck-motivated. The extra penny was never worth jeopardizing my integrity.

I remember people were always telling me to take every deal. Work with whoever wants to work with you. My husband couldn’t figure out why I didn’t just suck it up and make money regardless of where my personal opinion stood.

But that’s the thing. What didn’t make sense on paper is where I got my value. I did things my way. Always have, always will. That is why this app came to mind.

I want to be in full control of what goes in and what comes out. There are so many different layers to Instagram. It’s like entering a maze, looping around from one section to the next. As people enter this social media maze, some get really lost while others are benefiting from using everyone they meet along the way.

Those who gather knowledge and find success can use social media to personally grow. That’s me. I’m walking out fully loaded. Doesn’t mean I’m completely done with Instagram…but just enough absence to leave room for curiosity.

Thank you for choosing to follow me. Choosing to trust me while you’re on the other side with your own delicate life. Choosing me both on your bad days and on your good. Choosing me to inspire you, to motivate you, to encourage you, and to confide in.

We were just strangers who crossed paths on this digital road, but now I ask that you give me a chance to move us into another direction. Let’s break away from this robotic, censored, repetitive system by joining my app which will allow our relationship to be more meaningful.

Instagram has you running in loops, but one thing is a fact….you found me along the way. Exit this maze even if it’s for 10 minutes a day. You’ll catch your breath on my app through a good laugh, a tasty recipe, a helpful tip, and so much more.

Life is unpredictable. Every day brings something new. Instagram only presents one filtered version of people. It’s the same content page after page. We all crave a deeper, more authentic connection.

Let’s tackle life as it comes, together on Lianawhoo! Available in the App Store December 1st.

Some Q&A’s

Is the app subscription only?

Yes. Those of you who are already subscribed to my blog automatically have access to the app. Just use the same username and password you used when signing up for my blog.

Will you offer a free trial?

Yes. The first week my app launches it will be open to the public.

Is the app only for iPhone users?

Yes, for now.

Cancelation Policy?

Subscription is a 3 month minimum. After that you can cancel.

What is the app?

Think of it like Instagram, but I’m the only person producing content. You will be able to see my feed, watch my daily stories and read my blog directly on the app. You can leave likes, and comments under my posts, as well as respond to my stories.